Standing up for Mike Brown and In Support of Ferguson.

Posted: November 26, 2014 in for your reflection, Real Food For Thought, Solidarity, Take Action

New Haven community takes streets for Mike Brown

photo credit: Shelton Tucker, from Liberation News.

At the rally In New Haven, “Norman Clement, an Indigenous organizer and PSL member, said: “There is a river of blood from Plymouth Rock to Ferguson tonight. It has been there since this nation’s inception.” Clement went on to discuss the history of the police and military — institutions created to catch runaway slaves and massacre Indigenous people. He urged the people to take action and continue fighting for one another. The community agreed that police brutality is an epidemic of racist oppression throughout the country and can only be struck down through a militant fightback movement in the streets.”

See the rest of the story from Liberation, newspaper for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, New Haven Community Takes To The Streets For Mike Brown.

Footage from around CT last night…. as posted on Hartford Area-Ferguson Solidarity Witness.…/lack-of-indictment-in-ferguson-spawns-n…/

NEW BRITAIN–When the announcement came that a grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson on any of the five…

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