Refusing to kill is not a crime.

Posted: November 27, 2014 in Call to Action, for your reflection, Solidarity

In from Payday Men’s Network in collaboration with the Women’s Global Strike

“Refusing to Kill” features seven Refuseniks from around the world speaking out against murder, rape & other torture. Payday is an international and multiracial network of men which works with the Global Women’s Strike. The range of participants in this project are impressive.

Follow the links and visit our website for more information. Do write to refusers, whistleblowers and prisoners – your letters will keep them going! Send us your news and circulate this newsletter to help build a stronger international network of refusal.
LONDON THUR 27 November – film showing of “The Whistleblower”, organized by The Whistler at 6pm that day. Based on the true story of Kathry Bolkovac (pictured), a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia who unveils corruption and cover-up amidst a world of UN contingents, private contractors, and diplomatic doubletalk.
INTERNATIONAL WED 17 December –  celebrate Chelsea Manning’s birthday! So far, events planned in Berlin, Boston, Istanbul, London, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Venice. Over 50 musicians, actors & Nobel laureates signed a statement supporting whistleblowers. Sign & circulate the Amnesty International petition demanding Chelsea’s pardon.
Don’t miss the film “Kill the Messenger”, the story of Gary Webbwho, in 1996, a reporter on a small newspaper who blew the whistle on a CIA drug operation in South Central Los Angeles aimed at undermining the Black movement and funding murder and destabilization in Nicaragua through arming the Contras.
LONDON ongoing –  Support Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder. Join the vigil at the Ecuadorian embassy in London: Tue, Wed, Thu4 -6pm and Sat5.30 – 6.30pmCAMPAIGNING NEWS

Derrick Stanley & others of the Dallas 6 US 10 NovemberDallas 6, US prisoners who blew the whistle on torture inside, won a “continuance giving them time to prepare their defense. New trial date 17 Feb 2015.  Shandre Delaney, mother of Carrington Keys of the Dallas 6 and coordinator of the campaign, attended court with two dozen supporters. Shandre Delaney
US, Benton Harbor 3 November – Grassroots leader Reverend Edward Pinkney was convicted of five felony counts of election law violation by an all-white jury even though there was no supporting evidence. Benton Harbor is 96% Black. Sentencing will be on 15 Dec.
TURKEY 5 NovemberAli Fikri Işık, 56, a conscientious objector who has refused to serve in the Turkish army for over 30 years, was sentenced to 25 months in prison or a £4,000 fine. He is appealing the sentence.
TACOMA, USA – Migrants staged a third hunger strike in the North West Detention Centre to denounce expensive/unhealthy food and exploitation (working for $1/day).  They have also joined the movement to press President Obama to stop deportation.
GERMANY 11 November – The European Court of Justice (ECJ) Advocate General gave a favourable opinion on the case of Andre Shepherd, a US soldier who left his unit in 2008 during leave in Germany where he requested asylum. If the ECJ gives him the right to asylum, it will set an important precedent.  Ruling expected early 2015.
UK 9 November – Veterans for Peace UK and their supporters commemorated Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, demanding “justice for all those affected by war”.  They wore a quote on their jumpers from WW1 vet Harry Patch “War is organised murder, and nothing else”.
ISRAEL – Conscientious objector Omar Sa’ad, 18, Druze citizen of Israel and musician, was jailed 6 times.  He was released from military service in June following an international campaign. He has just finished touring the UK with his string quartet. Druze refusal has been growing steadily.
  Uriel Ferera Uriel Ferera, 19, from an Orthodox Jewish family has, so far, been imprisoned nine times for advocating peace.  He was abused for refusing to wear military uniform in prison. Udi Segal, 19, was imprisoned for the fifth time on 30 Oct. for his refusal to enlist, and for part of that time was on hunger strike. Udi Segal
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