No More Police Violence at Home No More U.S Violence Abroad

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Fight war and war mongers, for your reflection, Solidarity, Take Action

In from the Gay Liberation Network Chicago

Police violenceU.S. military violence

The police violence we’ve seen unfold against Eric Garner, Michael Brown and countless others is the domestic version of a systemic U.S. violence against other peoples of the world.The same country that makes it so dangerous for black people to exercise their constitutional rights at home, carries out deprivations of rights abroad on an industrial scale.

How else can you explain that for every “successful” targeting of an alleged terrorist by a U.S. drone bombing, that an additional 28 unknown people die? How else can you explain U.S. troops being in over 150 countries around the world, and a military budget greater than that of the next eight countries combined?

As a result of decadeArmored personnel carrier in Fergusons of U.S. war and support for thieving autocrats and sectarian regimes in the Middle East and South Asia, today the peoples of that region are experiencing more violence and trauma than at any other time in modern history.

For decades the United States has armed Israel as it evicted more and more Palestinians from their homes. For 13 years it has waged its longest-ever war in Afghanistan, causing needless misery and destruction to an already war-ravaged nation. For every U.S. soldier missing one or more limbs, psychologically scarred, or dead, there are countless more Afghan men, women and children suffering similar fates without even a second-rate VA system to support them.

Recently Obama became the fourth president in a row to bomb Iraq, hoping, like his predecessors, that such violence would somehow make it the nation he wants it to be. As if the results of his bombing of Libya and drone strikes on Yemen – today violent basket-cases – shouldn’t have given him a clue.  As residents of the U.S. we have particular responsibility to stop the violence – the violence caused by our country leading the world in arms exports, by its decades of support for brutal dictatorships, by its airstrikes and full-on invasions.

The brutal and sectarian attacks of ISIS are the official reasons given by the U.S. for its bombings of Syria and Iraq, but this is utter hypocrisy.

How else can you explain U.S. support for the equally brutal and sectarian attacks by close allies such as Saudi Arabia which, for example, beheaded 26 people over a recent 30-day period? And what could be more brutal than U.S. support for the recent coup in Egypt,which has resulted in hundreds of death sentences, 2500 killed, widespread torture, and 16,000+ political prisoners?

That President Obama isn’t truly interested in promoting human rights, but only the perception of doing so, can be seen in his attempted suppression of what The New Yorker calls “an apparently devastating”new report on U.S. torture by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

IF the United States’ goal is to promote democracy and human rights, then a plan to drop more bombs and distribute more weapons is the very definition of insanity: repeating the same actions over and over again, hoping to get a different result.

BUT IF, as most of the world realizes, and many Americans now finally suspect, peace and good will are NOT the true goals of U.S. presidents, then the violence and trauma that millions in the region are experiencing are not some innocent accident.  Instead, they are the bloody by-product of a bi-partisan policy to control the Middle East’s resources and profits through any means, fair or foul.

On Wednesday, December 10th International Human Rights Day– please join us as we say ‘NO MORE!’

NO MORE U.S. gov’t violence at home and abroad!

NO MORE U.S. bombings and invasions of other countries!

NO MORE U.S. support to sectarian and oppressive regimes!

NO MORE U.S. support for coups overthrowing elected governments!

NO MORE U.S. arms exports to the region!

5:30 PM Rally at Michigan Avenue & Congress Parkway
Followed by a march through the downtown area.

Sponsored by the newly-formed U.S. Out of the Middle East Coalition. Participating organizations include American Friends Service Committee; ANSWER Chicago; Anti-War Committee; Buddhist Peace Fellowship; Chicago Area CodePink; Chicago Area Peace Action; Democracy in the USA; Gay Liberation Network; Illinois Green Party; Iraq Veterans Against the War; Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago; Logan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace; Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project; NW Indiana Veterans For Peace; Veterans For Peace, Chicago Chapter; Vietnam Veterans Against the War; and World Can’t Wait-Chicago (list in formation)

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For more information or to co-sponsor, email

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