LGBTQ Activism In Mainland China: from Solidarity: a socialist, feminist, anti-racist organization.

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Solidarity

This is an excellent article from Solidarity for all of us in the queer movement to read. Many thanks to Solidarity for sending it to our facebook page.

“The picture of the LGBTQ movement in mainland China is multilayered. It has made a lot of progress, with help from amazing LGBTQ activists from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Quite a few LGBTQ activists from Hong Kong have been actively participating in the LGBTQ movement in mainland China, particularly the famous transgender activist Joanne and gay activist Ken.

Beyond such exciting developments, the whole movement nevertheless remains urban-centered and oriented around the middle class. There is little attention paid to address the class division inside the LGBTQ community. This is particularly evident among poor queers in the rural areas. Yet queer lesbian activists are also questioned as too elitist, their arguments seemingly too distanced from the main concerns of grassroots lesbians, who are concerned with issues such as finding a partner and coming out to their family.

In Shanghai there is even an emerging queer capitalism, where the LGBTQ community has increasingly cooperated with big corporations. Queer activities are more and more “marketized.” To date, however, there have been few discussions on this cooperation and how it is (un)able to facilitate the further flowing of a LGBTQ movement ”

The 21st Century has witnessed the rapid growth of the LGBTQ movement in mainland China. A bigger and more diversified LGBTQ community has emerged along with a more tolerant attitude from both government and society. This article…

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