Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves! Vigil and Flashmob.

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Call to Action, Events, Solidarity, We want justice now!

As a part of #ThisStopToday’s 11 Days of Action for #EricGarner, Join the Audre Lorde Project for a community vigil & flashmob.As we continue naming the violence that our communities face at the hands of law enforcement across the country, we must continue to lift up and name the Women, both Cis and Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Black People and People of Color that have been lost to police violence, and that are survivors of police brutality.

“Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves” is a chant by Sylvia Rivera calling for the end of violence, prison abolition, and liberation for all Trans People of Color!

As Audre Lorde once said, “We are powerful because we have survived” and we must continue the legacy of ending discriminatory and punitive policing practices that our Trans ancestors fought against during the Stonewall Rebellion.

In 2014, we lost 240 Trans and Gender Non Conforming People to hate violence, the majority of whom were People of Color. The majority of these murders have not been solved.

35% of Black Trans people have been arrested and detained. 29% of Black Trans people who have been in jail or prison experienced physical assault, and 32% were sexually assaulted. (Injustice at Every Turn Report)

Black women are incarcerated at 4 times the rate of white women. 90% of all women incarcerated reported a history of sexual abuse.

We will not remain silent and we will not be ignored!

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Join the Audre Lorde Project and our comrades as we hold a vigil and flash light mob to shed light on and demand justice for our people who remain unnamed and brutalized in this racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic police state!Our flashlight mob will feature a tour of sites of violence and resistance in the struggle for prison abolition and police accountability.



– This event is not a march, the vigil will be stationary.
– The tour will not leave the West Village area
– We will also have online mobilization/actions for folks who cannot attend in person, so stay tuned for more!
– Please remember to dress warm and prepared for snow/rain! This is an all weather event!
– We will have community security and a mobile wellness team for this event.

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