On Inconvenience and Protests: an excellent piece written by Tim Redmond of 48 Hills.

Posted: December 15, 2014 in for your reflection, Solidarity

This is an excellent posting on 48 Hills written by Tim Redmond. In the piece, About Inconvenience and Protests James Harrell has this to say:

Is my momentary uneasiness fair at this time? No, probably not. I didn’t do anything to create this broken system. However, my uneasiness will pass. Will an African-American man who is 6’4 and 220 ever not be concerned while in the presence of the police? Frankly, I can’t imagine that reality.

“As a millennial, I have the privilege of being familiar with all the protests that have come before, but only in a history class. Because of these protests, I’m able to have the weekend off, get paid time off, use a bus when I break my leg, identify as queer, and live and work while maintaining a relatively great life. If it weren’t for folks that fought so hard to assure these rights, all American lives would be worse off. Though many are judgmental of these current protests, all of us benefit from past revolutionaries.”

By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 15, 2014 – When workers at San Francisco International Airport restaurants went on strike last week, Mayor Ed Lee’s response was first to try to convince labor leaders to call it off. After two-thirds of…

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