Shut Down 5th Ave, a global playground for the 1%. NYC Action

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Call to Action, Solidarity

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Dec 23 — Shut Down 5th Ave!
Jail killer cops! Stop the War on Black America! Fire Bill Bratton!

Every day the movement against racism and police terror is in the streets. Millions identify with this movement, and on Dec 23 we are taking it to Fifth Avenue. Dec 23 is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, comparable to Black Friday. Fifth Avenue is “the world’s most expensive shopping street” – a playground for the Global 1%.

This “1%” is precisely who the police serve and protect. They flood Black, Latino and other oppressed communities like an occupying army so as to intimidate us into accepting things the way they are.  The people will not be intimidated. We will not accept poverty wages, racist courts and a corrupt political system.

On Dec 23 we will occupy *their* communities.

The politicians and corporate kings who run the government are hoping that this movement will “peter out,” in the words of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton. To the contrary, we are just getting started. This will be a #WinterOfResistance, where we both target the citadels of power and organize our own communities to more effectively fight back.

As they chant in Ferguson, “If we can’t get no justice, then they can’t get no peace!”


Initiating Organizations:
Crystal House
El Grito De Sunset Park
Existence is Resistance
New Yorkers Against Bratton
Occupy Wall Street (occu-evolve)
Queens Neighborhoods United
W.O.R.D. Women Organized to Resist and Defend


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