Furbirdsqueerly’s Greatest Hits of 2014

Posted: December 21, 2014 in For your information, Solidarity


A Message that we want to convey over and over again this year, next year and every year.

As the year closes we always like to go back and review our postings and put together a piece on what we call our greatest hits. The hits are simply articles that got the most hits from readers. We also throw in a few postings that we have really liked but didn’t play so well out there in reader land. We continue to be amazed that our little queer leftist blog gets visitors from all over the world. A call out with a thank you to everyone and please say hello to our friends from all over the world.  We have copied our stats and you can read about where our readers come from. (1)  Many of our visitors are not a one shot deal. They come back for more. We only wish we could publish more for everyone all around the world. We have always said that we play better in Singapore than we do it Hartford. Must be something in the water here. Of course if anyone likes, there are the archives for 2014 where you can find any piece that was published. Have Fun and we hope to see you in 2015, bigger and better and just as bad as ever.

furbirdqueerly’s greatest hits of 2014.

Topping our list is a piece that not only generated hits from all over the place, yes it even had Hartford readers, was a piece written in response to folks here in this area that we felt had their head twisted on wrong in celebrating the birthday of Sam Colt. Sam Colt Merchant Of Death: Celebration of War Profiteers Is In Very Bad Form stirred up a lot of folks. Now we are not saying that we were the cause of folks staying away but deep down we are glad they did. A very few folks came out on a beautiful summer day to celebrate death, and the mayhem that Mr. Colt caused. A companion piece, More Colt More Die For The Money: The Troubling Benevolent Mrs. Colt was written when some folks on the so called left in Hartford came out against our piece and wanted us to remember what a nice lady Mrs. Colt was. What bullshit. What whitewashing. What willfully deluded people. As we said then and as we stand today,

“As indigenists, as revolutionaries, we stand firm in our rejection of all heroes of empire and the distorted histories around them spun by both the forces of the colonial state and its loyal opposition among the so-called left”… Eaemaehkiw Thupaq Kesiqnaeh

If anyone wishes to read more about the murderous Sam Colt and his ill gotten fortune simply go over to our Pages section and there you will find more articles that have been written over the years.

Benny’s Banana and Other Tales had a run over the summer. We couldn’t believe it that folks were still checking out this piece that was first written in 2011 and re-posted after we had several requests. We just had 16 hits this past week and half. This story traces a small part of Arvey Jones’s life and opens this way:

A Tale of Arvey Jones

It was winter and winter meant that the studio in the run down section of town was cold. No heat, no water just an old building with the only modern convenience being electricity. Paul called me one day out of the blue and said, “Since it is winter why don’t you come on out to see us. Its winter out here in the mountains of California but I think you will like our winter better than the one that you are experiencing in Goon City. OK sounds good to me, next unemployment check and any other money I can get together I will get a ticket and fly on out of here. I packed up the studio and asked Terry to store some of my stuff, sold whatever I could, closed the door never to return or so I thought at that time.

A very popular piece and still getting hits a year later was Part 2 of our essay, We Applaud Our Revolutionary Sisters and Brothers Lessons in Ourstories, Part 2. The piece opens with this introduction: In Part one of this essay we examined the early LGBT movement in Hartford Ct. in response to the Human Rights Campaign scoring Hartford in some type of equality index they do every year. You know what city in americkkka is just right for their type of people.  We said, “yes, well maybe, but let us remember our revolutionary sisters and brothers who fought the good fight against power and won. They are what matters, they can not be forgotten by some of the mainstream white comfortable class gays who today benefit from the labors of activists. These people who today who go about destroying the very community that our revolutionary activists built. A comrade brought it to our attention that many of the comfortable class had worked for marriage equality and to that we answer big deal. We contend that the marriage movement was a movement based in selfish me-ism, which has been proven, as far as we’re concerned, as today there really isn’t a movement in Connecticut. For as soon as so called marriage equality was achieved the group who spearheaded the effort Love Makes A Family disbanded. Yes once these poor discriminated against white folks were raised up and given the chance to be just like straights their rebellious days were over. Their caring and joining together to form a powerful united front with others to lift all people up worldwide was thrown out the window for their one goal, to be just like straights, to hear those wedding bells ringing and the chance to I do. This shows to me that their political courage and consciousness was based in how much power and privilege that they could gain and how much that could be shared with straight people.

We love works in the service of the people. Its a very important part of our art.

During our long life we have always felt that getting information out to people within the revolution was one of our top priorities one of our artistic pursuits . We still feel that day. Old furbird remembers the first art show where the old folks exhibited a leaflet on how to make Ho Chi Minh sandals. Some very simple sandals made out of old tires. That was the first information piece that was sent out in the service of the people. We never wrote about this before so we thought it would be interesting for those who like our idea of information service and how we began this section of our art thought.

Trouble Trouble Trouble

We know that there has been a lot of snow this year but why do art panels in Hartford have to be so white?

Yeah we got ourselves in a bit of trouble this year when we wrote about an art panel that was held here in Hartford. In our Piece On Edgy Art Thoughts In Hartford and Other Things On Our Minds we began this way: “We still shake our heads and wonder, WHY don’t they get it by now? What is wrong? There was a panel last week called Edgy Arts Hartford which was sponsored by Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE) and the Hartford Courant that consisted of what they think are edgy artists working in this city. Well, we all differ on that as much as we differ on what is art and who is an artist and what our goals are as persons in the arts in these times. Age old questions that still begs to be answered. One thing we do know is many people who say I am an artist tend to in their art say the same old thing over and over and try so damn hard to make it sound like it is something new. We must remember artists, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or ethnicity, regardless of political or social agendas, have more in common than not. Whereas the dealers, curators, historians, the millionaires and billionaires who purchase art within the art world do not. We have the power to set the agenda to say yes or no. If we do not use our power and our united strength then we lose, and our,yes I will sound old fashion here, our brothers and sisters in the art world, the artists lose but worse is that the people will lose. All keys to unlock those doors of injustice must be used and sometimes a good kick and a smash the door is what is needed. Nothing is petty and insignificant in this process of unlocking for if we do not take care of the small the small will grow until it becomes so large we can not do very much about it.”

We want to say this loud and very very queer, we stand by every word we wrote and then some.

More trouble came our way even from some family members and liberal gays when we wrote: Center Church: Is an Apology In Order From The Church For the Persecution of Women. One of the founders of the church, Rev. Samuel Stone was a famous witch hunter and we wrote this: The first recorded confession of witchcraft in Connecticut was given under duress by Mary Johnson in 1648. Mary was a servant whose legal troubles began around 1646, when she was accused of theft. Under pressure from the minister, Samuel Stone, and after extended whipping, Mary confessed that she was guilty of witchcraft (or, as it was called, “familiarity with the Devil”) and fully described her crimes, including using the Devil to help her with her household chores. She admitted to “uncleanness with men and Devils” and even to the “murder of a child”, although she was not indicted for murder or adultery. However, the charge of “familiarity with the Devil” stuck and, on the strength of her confession, she was sentenced to death. We asked at that time if the church profited from any of the woman’s deaths and if so then reparations were in order.

To the guillotine with you all!

We celebrated the Women of the Paris Commune with our piece, L’International-Homage To The Women of The Paris Commune. The work which has generated over 200 hits in its second publication has this to say: “This work begins in tribute to the women, unnamed thousands strong who fought off the troops, who stood together. The rank and file who yes stayed at the barricades even when some of the menfolk were escaping. Who stayed on and were shot down when the many leaders escaped the slaughter. It has always interested us that when some stand out in leadership positions folks tend to heap praises on them, and praise them we shall, but these folks should never give us reason to not stand in tribute and awe of the rank and file fighters for justice and freedom. Thousands of women were murdered during the Paris Commune’s ending days. For all we stand, for all we say, we fight on. ”

Fight Back for Trans Lives Matter

In May of last year we were going to close down this blog and retire. We wanted to take up our painting once again. Well a funny thing happened on the road to retirement. A young Latino trans woman who was in custody of the Department of Children and Families had been place in solidarity confinement in an adult prison. Well we thought, how can this blog with all of our sharing and caring stop publishing at this time. How could we abandon our young sister. The postings and the calls to action we did around Jane Doe generated over 1,000 hits and we are proud to have played a role in seeking Jane’s freedom by publishing, by alerting the world, by going to rallies, by calling the powers that be, (and as all of you readers know we detest those folks, and making sure that everyone knew that our sister was being mistreated. To read about this see on our blog: Justice for Jane Rallies on Friday, , Justice for Jane Interview with Al Riccio and IV Staklo, , We as a community are not retreating from this fight, . There are other articles about this that can be found through out the blog.


Reps from Furbirdsqueerly, Ct. Trans Advocacy and Queers Without Borders at a Justice for Jane Rally.

Like the grass the people will rise through the hardest ground.

We were amazed when so many hits came through for our piece, Like the Grass The People will rise up. This piece had the song, God Bless the Grass by Malvina Reynolds as its center point and had this to say: “I first heard God Bless the Grass many years ago. When I was out walking early this morning passing by through old areas I was reminded of this song. Grass was coming up through the concrete of sidewalks and blacktop.  Its a nice reminder for all of us when we get down about the barriers, the hard stone, the concrete that the wealthy and those in power heap upon us. When we get to the point of busting through there won’t be anything that will hold us back. Not the democrats, not the mainstream unions cottoning to the democrats, not the corporations that yoke people with their goodies, not the factory bosses,  not phony patriotism, flag waving, baby kissing politicians, promises of someday, piece of pie or by and by.The police, fuck them, the people will mow them over not trusting any part of them. Too many clubs  up the side of our head, too much tear gas and pepper spray in our faces, too many men  racially profiled and sent to prison, too many shot down in cold blood on street corners, too many political prisoners with trumped up charges. So many people just scraping by, old folks, young folks and middle age folks trying hard just to make it but stolen from daily. Yes, so many thousand gone, so many millions in senseless wars and big stick waving. So many young working class kids dead from someone’s foolish idea of how things should be. We will smash empire and Imperialism, economic sanctions, military occupation and aid to repressive regimes. Drones will be grounded and all military hardware will be as the old saying goes beat into plowshares. No more assaults on women, immigrants,queers, people of color and the poor. The people like the grass will rise up and then on that day there will be no stopping us.

Guns, Guns, Guns, Turn in your guns or keep them. Comes the revolution you will need them.

gun art 22

Hartford Ct. Gun Sculpture

“And the guns turned in are not the highest-risk guns,” he added. “The highest-risk guns are newer. They are semi-automatic pistols, have higher calibers. Disproportionately, the guns turned in are older, lower-caliber, or not functional.”

We took up the gun turn in program as the above sculpture was coming to town and of course we needed to put in our 2 cents. We wrote, Guns, guns, guns, Who got the guns? Blows my mind away. Melt them or keep them in case we need them? Who got the guns we say? We started the piece this way: “However noble it seems to the liberal crowd the idea behind the new sculpture visiting Bushnell Park and the sculpture itself leave us with more questions than answers. Our jury is still out on if the sculpture is any good or not and we aren’t even going to attempt an art review of this work. But questions yes we have questions swirling around in our head. I am struggling with this gun sculpture idea in the park, with gun buy backs, with pacifism, with the people armed against the state, with the response in Ferguson Mo. by the cops, with who turns in these guns, with what type of guns are turned in, and all the other things that pop up to haunt me around this subject on what I think is just another piece of liberal feel good art of these troubling times.” This piece generated hits from all over the place.

Study War No More.

Dog tags love beads 2

Dog Tags, Love Beads, Fight Back and Peace was written in October in response to a posting on our facebook page. We didn’t like the posting and even if we didn’t feel like it we responded anyway. We wrote as this:

So you ready? Let’s start with some facts that not all guys in the military loved their dog tags and Uncle Scam. Not all GI’s hated the love beads and those who called for peace. A great article is a good place to start. The article found on libcom.org is 1961-9\1973: GI Resistance in the Vietnam War begins this way:

“The U.S. government would be happy to see the history of the Vietnam War buried and forgotten. Not least because it saw the world’s greatest superpower defeated by a peasant army, but mainly because of what defeated the war effort – the collective resistance of the enlisted men and women in the U.S. armed forces, who mutinied, sabotaged, shirked, fragged and smoked their way to a full withdrawal and an end to the conflict.”

My partner was very much a part of this process and so weren’t the guys he hung out with and today he remains very anti war, anti-government and anti boss. The more we read and the more we will come to the conclusion that these brave young men are the men to celebrate, love beads and all.” To read Dog Tags, Love Beads, Fight Back and Peace.

The above are just a few of our greatest hits. Works that make us proud to be queer leftists and getting the word out to folks. But let us forewarn all, one of these days we will grow real tired of the whole thing and close down for good.

But for now we leave you with one of our favorite pictures of the year. 

so many ruling class. 2

Pieces we liked then and still do today.

One of our favorite pieces was written in 2011 in response to some who believe that the cops are our brothers as workers in the struggle against the 1%. We call it as we saw it and hope that we were able to put an end to that nonsense. Certainly what has been happening in Americkkka with the racist cop killings of unarmed black men and women would we hope cause all tigers to change their liberal spots and see what many of us have seen and knew for ages. Check it out as many can attest, Once hit, beaten punched out, pushed around or in anyway damaged by a cop one never forgets it. The Myth of The Cops As Our Brothers In The Struggle.

Our Military, our patriotism, our flag, our support for GI’s. Just tools of the ruling class to keep us down. As valid today as ever.

One work that we don’t care all that much about anymore is a piece that keeps giving and giving to many. It was written years back when a LGBT magazine in Hartford did a June article denouncing drag queens and stating that none were at Stonewall and that no drag queens participated in the Stonewall uprising. Again what bull. Again folks who wish to whitewash our queerstories. In June of every year this argument again rears its head and the white liberal gay and lesbian community comes out swinging against drag queens. There is quite a bit of notes and links in the article No Drag Queens At Stonewall You Say? We Say Take A Flying Fuck.


(1)Here are our friends and comrades from around the world who came to visit us in 2014.

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