Our year in radical queer organizing.

Posted: January 2, 2015 in *Celebration*, Call to Action, for your reflection, Solidarity

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We are grateful for the amazing work we accomplished in our first year and ready to continue the work in 2015. Shout out to Southerners on New Ground (SONG) for all the love and guidance.

Radical queer organizing was alive and well in the US in 2014; you just may not have heard about it in mainstream media.
….and let us not forget the excellent work that the Justice for Jane folks and the PSL, here in Connecticut has done over the past year. We promise to continue to fight on until Jane is free. We also salute the folks who are organizing the Never Forgetting Ferguson Marches and Community Networking Dialogue. As we were taught long ago by Audre Lorde, there is no such thing as a single issue struggle. As queers we join with the struggles of those who are oppressed and will continue to fight on until all are free and justice reins.
Jeri Marie, Paul, Arvey Jones, Diana at a Justice for Jane Rally.

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