New Haven Ct. Vigil for Leelah Alcorn

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Call to Action, Solidarity

Saturday, January 10
12 noon
New Haven Green – around fountain

Join Justice for Jane and members of the CT community as we grieve the loss of our sister Leelah Alcorn and resolve to fight for her memory and those who are still alive.

Leelah was a transgender girl in Kings Mill, Ohio. Leelah was 17 years old like Jane. After being abused by extreme right-wing Christian parents, who cut off all her communication with the outside world and forced her to attend Christian gender conversion “therapy”, Leelah took her own life.
In her suicide note, she detailed her abuse and asked people to fight for her to change the system.
Leelah is just one of many trans people who are killed or commit suicide because of hate, abuse and lack of access to adequate resources.

We have to fulfill Leelah’s request and honor her memory by fighting for Jane and others facing abuse. We must fight to end the torture that is conversion “therapy”. We must fight for a system that ensures protection, justice, dignity and adequate resources for the trans* community.


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