New article by Rev. Cornell Lewis: If Whites Are Serious About Fighting Racism They Should Go And Do It In Their Own Communities.

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Call to Action, for your reflection, From us to you, resistance, Saying it like it should be said., Solidarity, We want justice now!

Comrade Rev. Cornell Lewis has written another excellent article over at his blog DCF Plantation. It is addressed to us white folks who are in the fight against racism and is real food for thought. Rev. Lewis begins his article, If Whites Are Serious About Fighting Racism They Should Go and Do It In Their Own Communities this way:

“I keep hearing comments from blacks / Hispanics about feeling uncomfortable with whites leading demonstrations in protests against racism  by police toward black men. Now before people start pointing fingers at this blog writer let me be clear, other folk are saying this. All over America activists are marching, singing, staging die ins or blocking highways about Michael Brown being shot dead by white police in Ferguson and Eric Garner’s choking death in New York. Suddenly there are thousands all over America voicing disapproval about black lives not mattering ( at least to some officials ). White allies stand before television cameras with manifesto statements or analysis of what is wrong or how to correct it ( racism towards blacks ).”

Please go over to the DCF Plantation and read the rest of Cornell’s article. It can be found here. There is much food for thought which certainly made us at this blog stop and begin to listen a bit more.

Note from Furbirdsqueerly.

This blog has long called for whites to step back and step down from trying to hold leading roles in this fight against police brutality. We must as progressives stand with the Black community but never think that we should be leader. Definitely I think it is hard for whites to not think that they have all the answers to the many questions but firmly we believe that in this case as in many many others they do not. When whites try to take a leadership role in this fight all that shows is their white privilege and their wishing to recruit and spread their groups message. Of course as activists we must be allies but that is the word and the role, allies, yes, leaders no. We fully agree then as white radicals and progressives that we must fight racism in our own communities by confronting it when ever it rears its head. Over these past few months we have shaken our heads a number of times as one grand jury after another has decided not to press any charges against police who have murdered black men. We have cried when another mother lost her son to the crimes of the police.We have cringed over and over at the ignorance that white people have shown when commenting on these crimes against the black community. We have to wonder how can people be so stupid and mean. Why do white folks trust the police and take their word as golden? How can any person find justification in the choking death of Eric Garner when the evidence is right before their eyes? On video non-the-less. Puts to rest the idea if the police have body cameras all will be okay. No the words of the police are not golden their words are tarnished, more times than not they are brutes, and most times their words are a lie.

We must challenge white racists just as many of us had to challenge homophobic persons. A good place for us queers to start is within our own LGBT community. We know that over the years racism has flourished in many sections of our community. There was for awhile articles on blogs floating around queerdom condemning the riots in Ferguson and the manner of disruptive protest. Many queers came to the forefront in our community in support of the protests reminding the community about Stonewall, Compton s Cafeteria and the White Night Riots. All actions that we as a community now celebrate on our road to liberation. We stopped and reminded ourselves that we could never understand nor know what it is like to be abused by the police, the white power structure and white privilege on a daily basis. We can never know what it is like to pray daily that your son, your husband or brother makes its safely home from just going out to the store. So if we do not know that, how can we then condemn any actions that people in the Black community take?  Our support in the battle against racism can be as simple as putting an end to the racist joke at the water cooler or as bold as confronting the Klan, the neo-Nazis, or the right wing news media and politicians when they spew their hate. Here too we must stop a second, step back and ask our Black comrades, How do we as whites offend you? How do we as whites come across as being racist? How can we as whites help work towards a just society? We think that is the most important lesson to stop ask and listen to what is being said and then go out and act on it.


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