Stop NHPD’s Surge! Build The Movement Against Police Brutality.

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Call to Action, Solidarity

***Rally, Speak-Out and Know Your Rights Information***

Fight the NHPD’s Surge—Build The Movement Against Police Burtality.

The New Haven Police Department has deployed its own version of the “Stop & Frisk” policy made infamous by the New York Police Department. “The Surge” only serves to criminalize, harass and target youth, particularly Black and Latino youth, and the homeless. Extra officers are deployed to aid in the gentrification of New Haven.

A people’s movement can win! Join us on January 19th to stand against racism, discrimination and brutality by the NHPD. Learn your rights when dealing with police and get involved in building the movement!

January 19th – New Haven Green Church St & Chapel St at the Green – 3PM

Facebook page for this event.


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