Oh HRC. Speaking up and out about you again.

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Call to Action, Fight Back, for your reflection, Solidarity

Comrade Arvey Jones sent this over to us today. We had to laugh. We remember so well all the times folks from Furbirds, Queers Without Borders and Ct. TransAdvoacy Coalition protested HRC. It seems as Arvey says so many many years ago. Any way this is a good read for folks who are new to the game and for us old timers in this fight. It is nice to know that others see what we saw and write about it so well.

Members of Queers Without Borders, Boston Mass. 2008

Finally catching up and on. My god this battle started so long ago. Let’s hope it continues to heat up. Can’t even remember when we all went up to Boston to protest at one of their white night gala’s. Anyway old history for some of us but it is interesting if one doesn’t know why Queers oppose this group and many others in the mainstream of lgbtdom.
Queer groups call foul on the largest LGBT nonprofit, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), for glorifying corporations the groups consider to be…
a bit of ourstories see Boycott HRC.

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