Delusion and Deception In Obama’s State of Union Address.

Posted: January 21, 2015 in For your information, for your reflection, Real Food For Thought, We fight on
Many thanks to Audrey Bee for sharing this link.  Many thanks to Patrick Martin for writing this article and to the World Socialist Web Site for publishing this article.
A bit from the article.
“The State of the Union speech delivered by President Barack Obama Tuesday night confirms this assessment in the case of the United States. The US ruling elite exhibits a determination to stop at nothing in the defense of its wealth and privileges, and pig-headed blindness and stupidity, both on a colossal scale.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Obama’s hour-long address, riddled with tired clichés and empty rhetoric, was the sheer unreality of the picture he presented of America, totally at odds with the actual experience of tens of millions of working people: mounting social and economic crisis, escalating attacks on democratic rights and the growing danger of world war.”

The State of the Union speech delivered by President Obama Tuesday night painted a picture of America and the world that is the diametric opposite of the…
This blog does not give one pigs bottom that the president said the words, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and those words out of his mouth does not cause me to jump up and say, What a great speech. He loves us, he loves us, meanwhile it is misery from many many people, cops still kill young black women and men, the drones still fly, and this country still wages war, benefits have been cut to millions of people, our trans sisters are murdered all over the place. When are you going to free our class war prisoners, Mumi Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, The Move Family, Albert Woodfox, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Jaan Laaman, Thomas Manning, Ed Poindexter, Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa, Hugo Pinell and others? When is this government going to stop the murder of religious minorities where the U.S wages war?  Yes we could go on and on and if anyone thinks all is well in this la la land created by those who rule then you must be as the article says, hypnotized. Now it is going to take more than mere words much more. This blog will never except the idea that it is okay now that we get ours and fuck everyone else.

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