More art for the animals Art.

Posted: January 29, 2015 in art

Octopus Art1

We saw this interesting article in today’s paper called Great Art. It was billed as the first-ever exhibition expressly for non human appreciation, (which we and our readers know is a bunch of bunk)( 1 ) specifically, for examination by octopuses. England’s Brighton Sea Life Center featured the five-tank shared display in November (including a bunch of grapes, a piece of Swiss Cheese and a plate of spaghetti-exhibits made of ceramic, plastic, wood and rope) that the center’s curator promised would, according to an ITV report, “stimulate an octopus’ natural curiosity about color, shape and texture.

( 1 ) From our notes and files we share a much more exciting departure from regular art that was done in the 1970s. We noted:

“Note on art and animals: In the 1970s Gino De Dominicis, one of Italy’s most mysterious artists, organized an exhibition which was open only to animals – no humans allowed. It’s impossible to know what was in the show and, more importantly, what animals might have thought of it, but De Dominicis succeeded in reversing our usually anthropocentric point of view.”

Again we have to ask, Why do humans think that they have to intervene in order for animals to have or make art.


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