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Rev. Cornell Lewis over at his blog DCF Plantation has an excellent article about the recent Moral Monday march and what is happening here in Hartford Ct. Community and Police Cohesion As Illusion, Lie, Betrayal has these lines:

“There is war being waged in Hartford’s black community by black moderate leaders and militant activists about how to engage police. However this mantra of community police cohesion is nothing but illusion, foisted on the rabble in order to remove any hope of galvanizing real dissent against HPD. Those ruling forces in the City of Hartford handpicked willing leadership for promotion of the greatest illusion since Houdini escaped handcuffed / upside down while immersed in some large glass enclosed water tank. The ruling elite desperately want people to believe there are themes of commonality between Hartford residents and police. Let me be clear. HPD along with city leaders are using certain Negro and white activists  [ the latter flown in from out of town for this specific purpose ]  to make it seem as if dialogue is happening to iron out any difference existing with angry residents over insensitive cops who oppress the common people.”

Along with this blog article by Rev. Lewis there is a statement as an eyewitness account of what happened here on Moral Monday, Reflections on Moral Monday CT. From a White Female. She begins her story of the day this way:

“Today was a turning point for me. I acted on what I’ve been saying I respect for a long time while watching from a distance. I know that many people whose opinions and approval are important to me may disagree with what I did. The best I can hope for is their understanding of my need to act on what my gut tells me is right. Here’s the story…”

Police Storm Christ Church Cathedral Hartford Ct. During Moral Monday.

Another account of the day

Account  from Osagyefo Seko one of the organizers of Moral Monday.

“In a bizarre turn of events, nearly a dozen police officers stormed Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford, CT after the first Moral Monday CT event–which included a die-in at City Hall and an unpermitted march in downtown. As we marched back to the church, officers blocked the street in front of the church, came in and demanded to speak to me. Bishop John Selders–leader of Moral Mondays CT and my elder brother–intervened. The Vicar of the church stood next to me and said, “If you take him you have to take me.” As police attempted to isolate Bishop Selders clergy gathered around him. The Assistant Chief of Police of Hartford was dispatched. As the Dean of the Catherdal and Vicar along with Bishop Selders and Pamela Moore Seldersmet with the Assistant Chief, I lead a crowd of about 50 folks gathered in the hall in freedom songs. Linda E Kelly and Gretchen Honnold of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Lizzy Jean of Deep Abiding Love Project were on hand as support saw it all. We are all stunned by the fact that they came into a church and at the fact that I seemed to be targeted. But to be sure the Hartford Police know now, they have not authority in the House of God! It is just not a slogan: Ferguson is Everywhere.”

Statement of Leslie Butler Mac Fadyen

“Something is wrong with today. These police officers were dispatched & came specifically to take Rev Osagyefo Sekou away from this church. Just HIM. In America. In THE NORTH. In 2015.”

an excellent idea was brought up:

After watching HPD storm into a church yesterday to pursue demonstrators after they had blocked traffic in downtown Hartford I’m convinced that what we need, more than anything else, is an active branch of the NLG. After charging into a private building, one that is historically honored as a sanctuary in cultures all over the world, they sequestered demonstration leaders in a separate room for 20 minutes and guarded the door so no one else could enter. Even just trained legal observers would have been all over them for that kind of behavior. HPD just does what they want, and we need to work on building the infrastructure and capacity to stop them. ( check out this link as there is a discussion going on.)
Hopefully this idea will be expanded on as there is interest in legal observers. We also would have to call for a real citizen review board that would look at cases of police brutality in Hartford.
HARTFORD — About 60 activists marched down Main Street and into city hall Monday afternoon, chanting, “If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace!” before laying on the atrium floor in what organizers described as a broad…
‪#‎MoralMondayCT‬ – An un-permitted march from Christ Church Cathedral to City Hall in Hartford, CT. We read the names of the people murdered by police and did a 4.5 min die in. As we marched back to the church, the police became very aggressive, with one officer entering before the protesters and 6-9 more entering afterwards saying they were looking for the organizers. They targeted Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou and other protest leaders. Church leaders turned them out eventually, with Brother Cornell drumming and Sekou leading people in song. Happy to be there in support as Deep Abiding Love Project ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬… Lizzy Jean
Lizzy Jean's photo.
We also would like to bring our readers attention to a recent published article by Rev. Lewis, White Allies Comment on So Called Black Community and Police Rapprochement.   As white allies we can only say, “We don’t trust them never have and never will. Nice and all smiley one second and the next second they go off. It is too soon to start a kiss kiss festival with the police. They have a lot of proving to do.” My grandma use to say treat those kind of folks with a long handle spoon. We agree.


In from the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago.

 Secretive Chicago Police Facility

Abuses Rights of the Accused


Activists Demand Shut Down of “Black Site” in Chicago

CHICAGO – After a recent ground-breaking report in The Guardiannewspaper exposed an apparent “black site” on the city’s West Side where police beat and hold arrestees incommunicado from attorneys, family and friends, area police accountability activists are demanding that the site be shut down. 

The activists will reinforce their demands with a protest dubbed “Shut Down Homan Square,” at 3 PM, this Saturday, February 28 at the facility located at 3379 W. Fillmore Street.

According to The Guardian,

“The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site… Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

·    Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
·    Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
·    Shackling for prolonged periods.
·    Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
·    Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.

At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square ‘interview room’ and later pronounced dead.” (more…)

Banksy in Gaza

Posted: February 26, 2015 in art, Call to Action, Fight Back, Solidarity

We first saw this over at the Hyperallergic site this morning which we provide a link to the article.

Powerful messages are emerging to counter Netanyahu’s GOP-sponsored speech to Congress.

Street artist Banksy uses bold images to make a political statement on Gaza.
Patrisse Cullors, one of three founders of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, explains how queer and trans people of color are core to the movement.

Next week members of FANG are going on a three day, 28 mile march from a fracked-gas compressor station in Burrillville, RI to downtown Providence.

The compressor station would nearly double in capacity as part of a billion dollar proposed pipeline expansion proposed by Spectra Energy. Construction could begin as early as April.

We’re doing this march to bring the stories of those that would be most impacted by the Spectra pipeline expansion to Rhode Island’s elected leaders.

See More

'Next week members of FANG are going on a three day, 28 mile march from a fracked-gas compressor station in Burrillville, RI to downtown Providence.

The compressor station would nearly double in capacity as part of a billion dollar proposed pipeline expansion proposed by Spectra Energy. Construction could begin as early as April.

We're doing this march to bring the stories of those that would be most impacted by the Spectra pipeline expansion to Rhode Island's elected leaders. The voices of those at the frontlines of fossil fuel infrastructure and climate change have been ignored for too long.

But we need your help to make this march a success. There are plenty of roles to be filled, including marchers, drivers and medics. We're also planning events and nonviolent actions for when the march enters Providence next Friday.

Sign up to participate here:

Together we can #StopSpectra'


Shared via The Pink Panthers as posted on Gay Star News and complied by Joe Morgan. Our only wish is that folks would stop using the word history as ourstories are far more than his story. That has long been a pet peeve of many of us in the movement. We like the idea of ourstories and it includes us all. Sort of interesting for folks who want to know more about ourstories. So let’s say it, The 50 weirdest and coolest facts from LGBTQI stories. Since it is published in Gaystar news it would be wonderful to just say The 50 weirdest and coolest facts from Ourstories. But enjoy it all anyway. Just once again proves we are here, and we were there and I bet you a dollar we stood there when the early rays of sun shown on the earth and even may have had a part in creating those rays.

Same-sex love was documented in Ancient Egypt.

1. The world’s oldest porn, which dates back over 3,000 years, features both male/male, female/female and male/female couples.

2. The oldest ever known chat up line was apparently said between two men. A mythological story from the 20th dynasty of Ancient Egypt is between Horus and Seth, who quarrelled for 80 years on who should rule. Seth attempted to persuade Horus to sleep with him, saying: ‘How lovely are your buttocks! And how muscular your thighs!’ They then have sex.

3. In Egypt, two male royal manicurists named Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep were found buried together in a shared tomb similar to the way married couples were often buried. Their epigraph reads: ‘Joined in life and joined in death’. Having lived in 2400 BC, they are believed to be history’s oldest recorded gay couple.

4. Some historical gay and bi figures have turned their lovers into gods. Alexander the Great wanted to make his boyhood lover Hephaestion a god when he died, but was only allowed to declare him a Divine Hero. The Roman Emperor Hadrian, of wall-building fame, was successful in making his lover, Antinous, a god after he drowned in the Nile.

5. The church sanctified gay marriages in the 1st century, with one being the Byzantine Emperor Basil 1 (867-886) and his partner John.

6. In a creation myth by Aristophanes, there were three sexes: those with two male heads (which were descended from the sun), those with two female heads (from the earth) and those with a male and a female head (descended from the moon). Displeased with them, Zeus crippled them by chopping them in half. Since that day, according to the story, we are looking for the other half to create our whole. This is known as the Origin of Love.

7. Mercury represents male and female principles in harmony. In mythology, Mercury fathered Hermaphroditus, who had both male and female sex organs.

8. Ancient Greeks didn’t believe in heterosexual and homosexual. However they did believe in passive and active. The most common form of same-sex relationships were when an older male, the erastes, acted as a mentor and lover to a younger boy, the eromenos. They believed sperm was the source of knowledge and it was able to be ‘passed on’.

9. There was a band of 150 gay couples from Thebes who defeated a Spartan army, and went undefeated for 30 years.

10. In ancient China, homosexuality was referred to as ‘the cut sleeve’ and ‘pleasures of the bitten peach’.

11. Until the late 1400s the word ‘girl’ just meant a child of either sex. If you had to differentiate between them, male children were referred to as ‘knave girls’ and females were ‘gay girls‘.

12. The word drag is apparently an acronym, a stage direction coined by Shakespeare and his contemporaries meaning ‘Dressed Resembling A Girl’.

13. The Virginia Court in 1629 recorded the first gender ambiguity among the American colonists. A servant named Thomas(ine) Hall was officially declared by the governor to be both ‘a man and a woman’. To stop everyone else from being confused, Hall was ordered to wear articles of each sex’s clothing every day. (more…)

We received several e-mails last week asking us to republish punkpinks essay from 2014. Well how could we refuse readers requests since we get so few of them. This essay is a very important one that should be carefully read by all of our readers who want to know where this blog is coming from.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones Be Dammed. I never liked those fuckers anyway.

or, Why Do They Hate Their “gay” So Much That They Want To Be Straight?

by punkpink

I asked typist to do my essay all in pink so no one in their right mind would think that I was a straight person. I’m as  queer as queer can be. I like pink and pink likes me is a slogan that I have above my writing desk. I have taken from articles that I wrote and that have been published on furbirdsqueerly to form this essay.

Hello from the woods of Vermont, where I stopped working my back woods person butt off for a few, to write these lines to you. No don’t worry, I don’t claim to be a poet cause I can rhyme few lines and get away with it. No not me. Too busy chopping wood, shoveling snow, taking care of the goat and chickens and doing what way out in the woods folks have been doing for years. Waiting for spring but trying hard to enjoy the winter and not eat all of the food that has been put by for weather such as this.

So Mommy and Daddy or Mr. and Mrs. Jones is what I am suppose to write about, those dear folks who represent all that was and is wrong with everything, those folks who we escaped from so many years ago, who we claim we would never be like in a million years even if they tied us up and make us squeal like a piglet. Nope not us. We were determined to burn down the old world and from the ashes a new world was to be in birth. Well something derailed the liberation train way back in December of 1969 back when all heaven was breaking loose all across americkkka and “gay” folks were acting up just like other oppressed folks. Well in that cold winter month nineteen people met and formed what was called the Gay Activist Alliance. Their goal was to be completely and solely dedicated to securing basic rights for homosexuals to the exclusion of the other movements. The Alliance wanted to win acceptance within the country’s institutions. So sad and how different from those whom I called comrade, friends, lovers for our mission was to topple and transform the country’s institutions. To set in their place justice and freedom. Institutions that cared about all of the people not just the comfortable class of war makers, the bourgeoisie, the white middle class and any one else who mindlessly waved the red, white and blue and rah rah over dead Vietnamese. The key here of course is to “win acceptance within the confines of that which was strangling so many of us all around the world, to win acceptance even today with the institutions that are still strangling folks all around the world. I don’t think that any of us reading this need a listing of the corporations that straight gays have cozied up to, to begin to understand what we are talking about.

Yes back in that December on the road to liberation a dreadful turn was made. The ugly place we had fled from, the place that looked at us and said burn fag burn became our grabbing new reality. The place we all swore up and down that we would never be  part of, we began to delight in. And they said, “If only we had some rights then we could be free. Let’s march on up to the state capitol and get some of that good americkkka that the straight folks enjoy. If we just tuck and tweak and reform it a bit we will be okay. After all we are just like straights except for what we do in bed.” Those who wanted to be just like mommy and daddy were able to wrestle the movement away from those who rejected such a plastic boring selfish straight vision of what life was and what it could be. This horrible sameness this stench of war and bosses, this get what we can in this good old apple pie land. Yes boys and girls cozy up to evil and you become just that. Yes this gay elite, these white middle-class boys had their eyes set on the americkkkan prize carrying along all the movement with them for their own good and the good of those just like them. They have spent so much of their time straightening their genes that slowly but surely they became one with the enemy. So they started to be more and more like them, to want what they had, to dream like they dream and one by and one by more and more folks were pushed aside as the dreams of a certain few became the dreams that we were all suppose to fall in line and love.   (more…)

Otis Gibbs, The People’s Day Will Come

Tina Phillips over at the Queer Theory Collective has posted a very interesting piece on a queer family that should be read by all of us.The article We Are Not “Just Like Everyone Else” How the Gay Marriage Movement Fails Queer Families is written by  Ben Anderson-Nathe and speaks about his extended family. It is an excellent read and helps us to continue to unravel the myth of the gay marriage movement that we are just the same as straights.

We love these lines: “I’d had my fill of the marriage movement’s rhetoric, which positioned queer people’s claim to equality in the context of sameness. Based almost solely on the assertion that our relationships are no different from straight people’s, the movement contends that we therefore deserve what others have. “Our love is just like your love,” “Our family is just like your family,” “We’re committed and monogamous, just like you.” These and other refrains echoed throughout the room, resulting in applause and bidding paddles being raised to donate money toward the final frontier of gay equality: marriage. Contemporary arguments for legalizing same-sex marriage are predicated on a narrative that says our relationships are just like yours. Therefore, to recognize yours but not ours is discriminatory and perpetuates inequality. And here is my struggle with that rhetoric:”

How the Gay Marriage Movement Fails Queer Families
This essay by Ben Anderson-Nathe is included in Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity, edited by Carter Sickels and released by Ooligan Press February 2015. Untangling the Knot is available where all fine books are sold.

Thanks to Chris Garaffa for this.

Gawker (!?!?) explains capitalism and the class struggle:

“Alice Walton has more money than she could ever possibly spend, even with the occasional $25 million apartment and billion-dollar art museum purchase. All of her money comes from her ownership of a piece of Walmart. Walmart employs two million workers, who make the company go, and who allow Alice Walton to earn all of that absurdly huge pile of money that she has. The employees of Walmart are generally paid very little. Working at Walmart, most agree, is not a good job.”

“No matter how nice she may appear to be to those who admire her pretty horses and beautiful art museum, she is, in fact, a villain.”

Alice Walton, an heir to the Walmart fortune, is worth $35 billion. Today, a lot of poor people stood outside her house and yelled at her.