Notes of a Hoosier Working Class Queer: The Enemy Within (And How To Fight Back.)

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Fight war and war mongers, for your reflection, Solidarity
Many thanks to Walter Thomas Beck III for this article and permission to run it here.
My first freelance article for the Greater Indianapolis Socialist Party-USA, read it, dig it, spread it!

Thanks to Stephen Milk Zollman for the inspiration.

(Article By Walter Beck) We stand in opposition to all forms of oppression including but not limited to racism, sexism and homophobia. –Socialist Party USA, Third Point of Agreement I saw an…
Furbirdsqueerly along with their sisters in Queers Without Borders have long been in the fight against HRC. It is wonderful to learn that folks are taking up the fight and talking like they are talking. We maintain that to have our freedom and not be concerned with the freedom of the woman sitting at the sewing machine in a sweat shop is indeed not only selfish but self centered. We subscribe to we are here there and everywhere so all issues are our issues. We have never thought that HRC was a group that spoke for us or represented us.
For a very interesting article on the likes of HRC and the gay elite see Steven W. Thrasher’s article, Haaay to the Chief: The Military Industrial Complex Conquers the Homos. We really like this line and it is something we have been saying for quite awhile. ” To the Professional Homosexual, there is no moral quandary in selling out one’s own queer soul, liberated by a once-radical movement, by accepting endless militarism and corporate greed in return for personal fortune. And since Professional Homosexuals control so many LGBT organizations and spaces, they threaten to drag the entire community down with them.”
See just a few of the articles from over the years.

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