2 Spirit PowWow, Cow Palace San Francisco

Posted: February 3, 2015 in *Celebration*, art, For your information, HIGH queer art, Our Stories, Yum Yum


Huge celebration Sat/7 includes music, dance, vendors, networking — and of course, yummy frybread.

 Marke B.  gives us the story over at 48 Hills. Be sure to check it out.

FEBRUARY 3, 2015 — One of my favorite community events of the year — the Bay Area American Indian Two Spirit Powwow, hosted by the BAAITS organization — is getting a serious upgrade in size this year, as it comes to the Cow Palace for the first time. The long-runnning, all-day event, put on by the local community of two spirits (“third gender” people whose gender mixes female and male characteristics) brings together the vibrant First Nations of the area for a meeting full of ritual, dance, music, food, business, and contact.

Last year’s powwow was held at SomArts and packed the place full of rhythmic drumming  and shouting, lively conversation, stately processions, booths full of handcrafted art, and the smell of that delicious Native American not-so-delicate delicacy, frybread. It’s a beautiful experience to be among such an explosion of color and sound, celebrating and affirming those of non-conforming gender. (This year, a special welcome will be given to same-sex couples.)


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