Say NO to Sen. James Meeks, HOMOPHOBE for Board of Education Head in the State of Illinois.

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Call to Action, Fight Back, jerk of the week

In from the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago.

Vote “no” on homophobe, anti-union Rev. James Meeks’ nomination to head the Illinois Board of Education

James Meeks calls being gay “an evil sickness” and as a legislator, vigorously opposed equal LGBT access to jobs, housing, public accommodations and marriage.

He has helped lead a drive to privatize public education, giving our tax dollars to for-profit corporations, politically-connected “non-profits,” and religious groups – despite them being unaccountable to most of the standards required of public schools – and gutting unions in the bargain.

Now Governor Rauner wants to make Rev. Meeks our state’s next top educator.  No one with his demonstrated antipathy to public teachers and LGBTs should have such power over the education of our state’s youth.

And besides opposing every aspect of personhood for LGBTs that he can — our equal access to jobs, housing, public accommodations and marriage — Rev. Meeks has attempted to further blur the line separating church and state by defunding public schools.

In this, he fits neatly with Governor’s recently announced frontal attack on union rights in Illinois, privatizing jobs to wealthy, politically connected businesses, driving down wages and working conditions for those lucky enough to still have jobs.

Governor Rauner ran a stealth campaign to get into the governor’s mansion. But now that he’s there, he’s come out of the closet, pushing a hard-right, anti-LGBT, anti-worker agenda.

But we can push back. The Illinois Senate, with its 68% Democratic majority, has the power to reject Meeks’s nomination, but we’ve got to make them live up to their professed pro-gay, pro-worker principles. We urge the Illinois State Senate to vote “No!” on Rev. James Meeks’ nomination to be Illinois’s next Board of Education President petition see HERE.

Of the almost 30 Black legislators in the Illinois General Assembly, State Sen. James Meeks, the Chicago mayoral candidate andoutspoken anti-gay mega-church pastor, was one of only two to vote NO on SB1716, the historic civil unions legislation.

“I believe in the traditional definition of marriage, between a man and a woman,” says the pastor, who has called homosexuality “an evil sickness”. “A vote of this much magnitude … probably should have been put to the ballot or a referendum.”

Of course. Just like other votes of this “much magnitude”—such as your right to vote, own property, get married or serve in the state senate—were put to popular referendum.

Sen. Meeks Talks to Reporters After Civil Union Vote.

For more information on the Gay Liberation Network see here.


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