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Looks like art as it moisturizes the air in your home. Two for one deal. Art and moisturized air in your home. All her friends say, “Oh she has such good taste and such a nice airy home. I wonder what she paid for that work of art?”

A humidifier can make the air a bit less dry, and thus lower the possibility of you getting shocks at home. Generally, you want to keep it above 30% relative humidity, though 40% or 50% would be even better. We love the something in between our two hands below.

How Can I Avoid Static Electricity Shocks in Cold, Dry Weather?

Dry air in your home can negatively impact your health and damage your home’s value in a number of ways, including chapped lips, dry itchy skin and severe static shocks. Even the common flu virus is more prevalent in dry conditions, since these conditions dry out the nasal passages and make transmission of the virus more likely.

*She gets a buzz from the static. Happy Birthday she’s going out tonight.

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art and art wasn’t suppose to look nice: it was suppose to make you feel something.” from Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell.

Image:Dress Like an Artist Step 20 Version 3.jpg

How to dress and look like an artist.


History of Art That Looks Like Nothing

“Art that looks like nothing developed as an icon of the 1930’s, where poor people who suffered greatly from the great depression needed to find a way to make a quick dollar without putting forth much effort at all. After marketing their work under the title of abstract, or surreal, the poor families made a killing[3]. Having found this new gold mine of salvation, art that looked like nothing began zooming into people’s homes, giving them a great outlook on the bleak future, and giving America hope for a new beginning”…. Mother Ship of Amateur Comedy Writing.

“There is nothing worse than good taste,” thundered the English art critic Jonathan Jones in the Guardian in 2010. “Nothing more stultifying than an array of consumer choices paraded as a philosophy of life. And there is nothing more absurd than someone who aspires to show good taste in contemporary art.”

UP AGAINST THE WALL MOTHERFUCKER!! Culturally Acceptable Counter-culture.

“I think we need a new vocabulary, because now everybody wants to be an outsider,” “When I was one, no one wanted to be one. Counterculture won some things a long time ago. Counterculture’s in control. I’m the insider. I’m the establishment.” John Waters interview with Financial Times

Seamstress Blue Period Jar Art Buttons

Blue period art buttons, who got the button or da blues?

Spiral Jetty in buttons

 Untitled waiting in the storeroom to be used.

She came out of Iowa and moved east ended up in Goon City calling herself Fresh Paint. Now this was many moons ago way before Fresh Paint was the # 1 app. in the entertainment category  in the Windows Store, in fact this was way before Windows or any of us had a computer as a daily fact of our lives. She painted anything she could get her hands on and always left her calling card sign

now she could have called herself Wet Paint but she didn’t like to be wet for that long and Fresh Paint would carry her even when she was dried off. “A coat of paint,” she said, “hides a multitude of sins” or something like that. Paint is a liquid, but dries into a solid.

In order for her work to work, she needs to vanish. Copy Makes Perfect, on the art of Sturtevant, Double Trouble show at the MoMA.


paint 2

Taped Dry Wall Seam. Art Center Coal Hill.

tape4 2

He always came around letting little dogie know just what he thought of this dogies art. Quack Quack Quack and that was it Quack Quack.

Duck as art critic 2

This is a very old piece from around 1969. It was back in Goon City that this piece took place along with many other companion pieces concerning birds. We have not been back to the Pine Tree Forest for over 40 years and wonder what it is like now? Wild and still as it was untouched? Off bounds to builders, to the graves of the dead that line the forest on one side, just left as was.

The Birds Have A Free Lunch, As Music Resounds Through Out The Pine Tree Forest

On Location: The Pine Tree Forest, Goon City

The Pine Tree forest is home to many birds and other wild life. It is a lovely place that is both wild and untouched yet is close to the center of town. It is a place that is steeped in mystery and folklore. It is the place they say where witches met and spells were cast. It is a place where us hippies tripped and soared on the latest tab of LSD. The Pine Tree Forest has been the location for many art works through out the years. Here is such an artwork that was done by anonymous is an artist.

A Late Winter Luncheon

On the day of the luncheon artist should get to work around mid-morning. Artist will hang twenty-five birdseed bells on which a little bell has been attached. The twenty-five bells will be hung randomly among the trees. After setting up the work artist should go to a spot not so far away to watch and to listen. Let the birds land and eat and let music sound through-out the Pine Tree Forest.


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