Love Me I’m A Liberal-4 versions. For our former comrades who now delight in being a liberal most foul.

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Ha Ha, Song to think with, The Ruling Class Must Be Brought Down!

For folks back in the day when many of us were fighting the powers that be and for many of us who are still fighting here are 4 versions of the song Love Me I’m A Liberal. We begin with Phil Ochs who wrote the original and we know as well as the next gal that among the many political persuasions the liberals are the most shady. Sometimes I look out and think that yes dear heart they have indeed taken over. The anti-establishment counter cultural establishment the liberals here in this neck of the woods, are saluted as they work their work.

So many  of our former gay revolutionaries and comrades call the president by his first name. That’s how cozy they want to be with those in power. We just look at them and think, now if that were a white GOP president doing the same thing, he would be damned to all tar-nation by the  liberal gays. Blowing in the wind like the snow outside my window.

Phil Ochs


Kevin Devine

Evan Greer


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