Queer Family: On Redefining Family

Posted: February 20, 2015 in a story, For your information, for your reflection, Solidarity

Tina Phillips over at the Queer Theory Collective has posted a very interesting piece on a queer family that should be read by all of us.The article We Are Not “Just Like Everyone Else” How the Gay Marriage Movement Fails Queer Families is written by  Ben Anderson-Nathe and speaks about his extended family. It is an excellent read and helps us to continue to unravel the myth of the gay marriage movement that we are just the same as straights.

We love these lines: “I’d had my fill of the marriage movement’s rhetoric, which positioned queer people’s claim to equality in the context of sameness. Based almost solely on the assertion that our relationships are no different from straight people’s, the movement contends that we therefore deserve what others have. “Our love is just like your love,” “Our family is just like your family,” “We’re committed and monogamous, just like you.” These and other refrains echoed throughout the room, resulting in applause and bidding paddles being raised to donate money toward the final frontier of gay equality: marriage. Contemporary arguments for legalizing same-sex marriage are predicated on a narrative that says our relationships are just like yours. Therefore, to recognize yours but not ours is discriminatory and perpetuates inequality. And here is my struggle with that rhetoric:”

How the Gay Marriage Movement Fails Queer Families
This essay by Ben Anderson-Nathe is included in Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity, edited by Carter Sickels and released by Ooligan Press February 2015. Untangling the Knot is available where all fine books are sold.

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