Once they get their rights or what are you going to do with all that new found equality?

Posted: March 13, 2015 in For your information, for your reflection, resistance

We love this quote that was a comment left over at 48 Hills. It seems that liberal left San Francisco is now being overrun with gay republicans.

“Unfortunately, there is within every group a subgroup which cares deeply about their own civil rights, but nobody else’s. Once they believe their own rights have been secured, they are perfectly willing to stomp on others’ rights if they believe it will result in economic gain for themselves. This is what gay republicans are all about and I fear their numbers will grow as gay rights become more secure.”

We want to add a little bit to this and carry it over to the election that we are facing here in Hartford Connecticut. But this “memeism” isn’t only the sole property of gay republicans. We see the same within the democratic party gay elites and their misguided followers. We got the right to marry, fuck trans rights. Fuck it that 40% of  youth who are homeless are lgbt. Comfortable perfumed class gays call the cops, as these kids are making too much noise hanging out on the street. How sad another Trans woman of color has been found dead, she should have gotten a job and stayed off the streets.  Now the elite among us who are HIV infected can get drugs fuck off everyone else who can’t afford the meds needed. A black man is strangled to death on Staten Island, oh that is just terrible, but I am off to Fire Island for the weekend to show my buff butt to some boys in the Pines. The now-a-day perfumed class is the same folks that we rebelled against years ago.

But fight back is all around. Our young black, lesbian queers know that these folks are so full of it. Our sisters formed Black Lives Matter our sisters are in the streets fighting the boss and his lackeys and all that he stands for. Our sisters know what the great Black Lesbian Prophet Audre Lorde meant when she said, “There is no such thing as single issue struggle, as we don’t lead single issue lives.” Queer and Trans folks lead and are very central to the BlackLivesMatter movement. Fight back is all around with groups like Fierce, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Gay Liberation Network, Queers Without Borders, Queers For Economic Justice, Housing Justice Movement in San Francisco, Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, the Queer Detainee Empowerment, Transgender Law Center, Pink and Black, Onkwehon:weRising, First Nation groups and a host of other queer, social justice activist organizations along with our sisters and brothers on the anarchist, socialist, communist left. These are our leaders, our queer and straight leaders together in the struggle.

We know from our experience here in Connecticut what the answer was. So many folks who worked to get a law passed concerning “Gay” Marriage or same sex marriage are nowhere to be found today. They removed their masks and now are re-masked out of the movement enjoying all that boss has to offer and all that boss is willing to give leaving all of us “others” behind. “Oh we’re not into that anymore,” they say.  Punkpink and many other writers called it early on, we knew what was up. We saw these type over the years in the movement, these fuck all other issues, we are out to get what we want. Reminds us of these lines from Settlers, The Mythology of the White Proletariat. “once these poor whites were raised off the fields and given the chance to help boss their rebellious days were over.”  Just change whites for gays and add once these discriminated against gays were given some rights.” Yeap sad as can be. Forgetting their sisters and brothers in the struggle. Ah, we’re tired they say, let us eat our wedding cake in peace and Ding Dong along with the best of the straights.

We have to say, okay but keep out of our way. You want to join with the enemy of the people and accept money from some of the most vilest corporations in the world, you want to side with those who come down hard on our Black brothers in the streets, you want to fly those drones and kill innocent women and children, you want to cozy with the capitalist we say just keep out of our way. Your face is faced with the enemy and we don’t give one rats ass that what you do in bed is the same as us, you are not our brothers and sisters.

We now have LGBT folks in all sorts of high places and we must ask ourselves is it enough that they are lgbt? We must demand much , much more. We fully realize gone are the days of up against the wall mother fucker when we all meant business. Today we play nice, nice with so many folks and they with us. Mad dogs are now muzzled. (some philosophers are warning us that this period in americkkka history is very much like the last days of the Wiemar Republic, need we say more?)   We have an election coming up in Hartford Ct. where we have a elected gay mayor. There is a primary with lots of folks running. Probably a sure shoo in for the now mayor.This is a democrat city and the democrat wins. LGBT folks and revolutionary queers are asking themselves, What has this man done for our community? Is it enough that he is out, married with a husband and attends all the social functions and gasp, even dances with his husband right there out in the public eye? Is that all there is? We also must ask what has he done for other communities? Has he lead in an activist role fighting against poverty in one of the poorest cities in americkkka? Has he stood up and counted himself as a person who helps to kick down doors for all, push the envelope rather than just read the contents and work to uplift the most vulnerable among us or has he spent his time with beads and baubles and bets on the future? We must ask, what is the state of housing for everyone in this city? What about our neighborhoods? Streetscapes are nice but we need far more than that?  How about the schools are they safe, are our children getting a good education, does he surround himself with honest people, is he honest? Yeah your nice, attend all the good parties you are seen all over town where folks like you gather but hey it isn’t real baby. Being “Out,” yes takes a bit of courage but many of us who have been out for years, yes coming out when it was far more dangerous to do so are tired of that as a litmus test for our vote. Does he deserve my vote just because he is gay and for no other reason. Hogwash. Would I cross class lines and vote for a rich white gay republican becoming a class traitor just because the candidate was gay? Never. We have to ask in doing the man’s business do we want years of working for unity with other groups destroyed because of the man’s policies that are adopted?

So as we make hay while the sun shines we have to remember that gone are the days of Harvey Milk, when it meant something to vote “gay.” Great strides have been made by a certain segment of our LGBT peoples, (how I hate that idea of community but leave that philosophical discussion for another time) but many still lack the very basic necessities. Yes its true when we hear in the song, Rich White and Gay the words, “Look how far we’ve come, but that all depends on where you are coming from.” One thing we must remind ourselves no matter how much some want to believe it isn’t so,that we as queers, are still a marginalized group of people in americkkka surrounded by and outnumbered by straight folks. That a law is a law, in today and out tomorrow smile in your face on Monday and stab your back on Wednesday, and when push comes to shove the finger will be pointed at you as the “other.” We know as queers that the straight world will accept us as long as we are not too gay, too flamboyant, to butch, to fem, to trans, to gender queer. As long as we pass it will be okay, we can share their cake. But you know, more and more we see that many are indeed enjoying cake but that many of us are having to fend for crumbs shaken from the masters table cloth. Now where are those clowns when they are needed.


A very interesting election to follow is in Chicago’s 46th ward. We published an article What type of LGBT/Q Representation Do We Want? about it found HERE.

Real Hartford Has an article about a GAY event for “Our out gay leader” where there is a lively discussion going on. See Campaigning Season Grinds On. 

We think it would be fun for our readers who have never heard, Rich, White and Gay by Adhamh Roland to take a listen. Adhamh really tells it like it should be told.

  1. Ellen Hutton says:

    You know what bothers me even if it is or seems to be small? New Years Eve when Segarra and crew went out to eat and charged it to the cities credit card. When discovered they paid up but one wonders if they hadn’t gotten caught what would have happened? Many people in Hartford struggle to pay their rent or taxes and many struggle to put food on the table. Mr. Mayor you really are no one stop acting like you are.

  2. I am of many minds about this election: I am in full agreement with your analysis, and remarked to Juan (my other half) that on one hand I think it is so powerful to have a gay Puerto Rican mayor, sends signals to kids all over the city that being gay is more than just ok, it is equal. This is NOT the message that young people in this city usually hear and is incredibly important. But I am not sure that people even really know? I mean, he is not out there making that a big deal day-in and day-out. And there is so much more, and Segarra has not pushed the envelope on gay or progressive issues during his leadership. That the mayor’s husband was one of the players in fighting against a food pantry operating on Prospect Avenue was incredibly telling.

    I am also not sure that any of the candidates really care about the poor people in Hartford, and I am not particularly excited about voting for some straight guy who may lead the city in much the same fashion as Mr. Segarra has.

  3. Josh, Thanks for taking the time to come over and read our article and for commenting.

    Yes even though it wasn’t the mayor out there pushing against the food pantry I’ll tell you one thing. I would chase my husband all over town with my corn broom if he ever tried to pull such a stunt. But then he wouldn’t as we would never want to deny food to those who are hungry and firmly believe that a part of any churches job is to feed the hungry no matter if that church is in Rome, downtown Hartford, Prospect Ave., or Mumbai. In our opinion the mayor should have been out their in support of the church and in support of feeding the hungry. That would be an activist.

    I understand completely Josh your concerns about the young. Now there is an example of what we mean by pushing the envelope. The activist in me would say, Mr. Mayor gather together all the LGBT/Q school kids and ask them, “What do you need?” Set aside time to go into the schools, hey bring your butch husband and a few other folks with you and talk to all the kids telling them his story. Connect with the Stonewall Speakers, check out the group True Colors, set aside your days for their conference, go out there, listen and speak.(here we are not talking about just showing up, saying hello and going home) Show a real gay spirit. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being too gay, or that you shouldn’t be out there, or that gay is only a part of you. If we are truly a people than I believe that LGBT/Q is what informs our consciences. It is when we try to straighten our genes that the real trouble starts and once again we are forced back into the closet in more ways than one. As we stated in our piece, we are still a marginalized people, we are still other.

    Being out is much more than attending parties with supporters and the arts crew of Hartford. That is reading the contents of the envelope rather than pushing it. That is tolerance. Our tribe must demand more.

    I am not sure if any of the candidates are folks that I would vote for be they straight or gay. I need to hear more from each of them. I am pretty turned off by voting in Hartford.

    Josh, while you are over here at this blog be sure to listen to Rev. Osagyefo Sekou under the blog title Listen Up! As far as we are concerned he and those he talks of are our leaders.

  4. Cassey J. says:

    Hey guys don’t be so hard on the mayor. We know that this is a progressive blog with ideas against war which is good. Do you not remember that in 2011 Pedro Segarra lent his support with other mayors and signed on to Bring Our War Dollars Home? This act alone should calm your fears about him. He is anti war and sees what that federal money could do for the city of Hartford.

    The resolution called for the “U.S. Congress to bring these war dollars home to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal and state governments, and develop a new economy based upon renewable, sustainable energy.”

  5. furbirdsqueerly says:

    Yes we are anti-war for as far back as we can remember and will continue to be so. One act out of many does not our support make.

    21 mayors co –sponsored the resolution that was passed by the full conference of mayors in June 2011. Always there is strength in numbers. Of course he could have not signed on, but the bill had the full support of the City Council and of course there was the underlying idea of “Let’s tell Washington that we are hurting in the cities so we can get more federal aid.” Eyes on that prize $$$ that is somewhere. Well needless to say the wars rage on and none of the war money comes to this city.

    We were proud that our city council wrote and passed a very strong anti-war resolution and that Mayor Segarra signed on to the conference resolution even though at the time we knew it was a meaningless gesture. The bigger boss wanted to make war and make war they did and do. But we have to ask as always what else? What else did they do after that?

  6. furbirdsqueerly says:

    Thom, Thanks for sending along Judge Kilian article, My View of Hartford, An Assessment of Its Needs and Ideas for Tomorrow. Of course it is way to long for our comments section as our policy will not permit it. We like what we have read so far. We do not plan on publishing any written matter from any candidates as we never have. We reluctantly participate in the election year process but do so in honor of those who fought and died for voting rights. We do know that Judge Killian is a very good and honest person, someone that we would trust as a mayor and certainly has the experience having been in city hall for so many years.we will send out Judge Killian’s article to our mailing list as we feel he is saying some very important things.

    Richard for furbirdsqueerly

  7. thom says:

    Thanks Richard. Have found your blog full of meaningful material and perspectives, too much of which, I fear, is not in the consciousness of Hartford.