Notes of a Hoosier Working Class Queer; “God Told Us To Hate You” The Indiana Religious Freedom Act. and An Open Letter To Conservative Christians.

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Saying it like it should be said., Solidarity
Check out this new article. This religious freedom movement must be stopped and exposed for what it is, simply put bigotry.
 NEW ARTICLE: Written for the Greater Indianapolis Socialist Party-USA, here’s a blast of white hot queer gonzo rage directed at the Indiana Statehouse over the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Special thanks to my editor Audrey Bee.

Read it, dig it, spread it.

I came home from a hard day at work and the first thing to pop up across my screen was the disheartening news that the Indiana House Judiciary Committee voted to pass the Religious Freedom…
Walter has really got it going today. He just wrote an excellent letter, An Open Letter To Conservative Christians that is well worth reading.  This ending paragraph says a lot:

“I know, you swore up and down that “God’s wrath” would be upon this country if we were allowed to get married. Well gee fellas, we’ve had marriage equality in some parts of the country for over a decade and I ain’t seeing any plagues yet. As Tom Waits once said, is God away on business? Or maybe God decided you guys were full of shit from the get-go and doesn’t really mind that we’re becoming more free and happy with every passing day. Maybe God saw you for the con artists and hucksters you really are. Ever think about that?”


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