Protest Against Solitary Confinement.

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Call to Action, Events, Fight Back, for your reflection
Dear FriendsYou may be interested to know about this protest against solitary confinement in jails. Payday and the Global Women’s Strike in Philadelphia and Los Angeles have taken part in this action.


PA groups* support the Monthly CA Statewide Coordinated Action to End Solitary Confinement 

Join us in fasting for some or all of the first day of action Monday March 23 in protest of the 23 hours of solitary confinement that tens of thousands of prisoners endure every day for months and years and add your group to those committed to taking an action each month.

The actions are being planned in response to the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers’ Three ActionProposals (November, 2013), which they have asked those of us on the outside to implement.  The Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers initiated the California Prisoner Hunger Strike. Following the strike they stated in part:

“We want to consider the idea of designating a certain date each month as Prisoner Rights Day. On that date each month prisoners across the state would engage in peaceful activities to call attention to prison conditions. At the same time our supporters would gather in locations throughout California to expose CDCR’s [CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation] actions and rally support efforts to secure our rights. We can see this action growing from month to month as more people inside and out become aware of it and join our struggle.”

After leading two hunger strikes in 2011, prisoners issued their Agreement To End Hostilitiesacross racial lines in October 2012.  This agreement helped to make their third California prisoner hunger strike in 2013 the largest in history.  They struck for 59 days. Another of their Three Action Proposals is for a campaign to promote the Agreement to End Hostilities both in the prisons and in our communities. The courage that prisoners continue to demonstrate gives us all strength to organize in our own communities.

March 23rd marks the first California Statewide Coordinated Action to end the torture of solitary confinement.  Actions are planned in CA from San Diego to Eureka (including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Eureka).  The Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) has helped to coordinate and launch these monthly Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement (SCATESC), and has asked for solidarity actions nationwide and internationally.

Co-Sponsors of SCATESC to date include: California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC); California Prison Focus ; Food Not Bombs; Global Women’s Strike; Human Rights Pen Pal program; LA Laborfest; Payday men’s network; Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community (PARC); Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) ; Project: Pollinate;Santa Cruz Resistance Against Militarization (SCRAM!); Sin Barras; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.  To add your organization as a co-sponsor or endorser go

Find details about March 23rd Actions in other areas HERE

* PA groups so far include Abolitionist Law Center; Global Women’s Strike; Human Rights Coalition Philly/Pittsburgh; Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign; Payday men’s network; Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee

For more info in PA: 215-848-1120,,

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