Political Suicide Note, For Governor Mike Pence, by Walter Beck

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Call to Action, for your reflection, HIGH queer art

Political Suicide Note

(By Walter Beck)

For Governor Mike Pence

You locked yourself in your office

Far from the press and public;

And in the company of friends

You signed your political suicide note

On a rainy Thursday morning.


You signed your political suicide note

Surrounded by preachers and priests;

They blessed you and blessed your pen,

You misguided martyr.


You poor misguided martyr,

You couldn’t stop the wedding bells from ringing;

And they kept ringing, ringing, ringing,

Ringing in your head,

Ringing and grating in your head.


Oh like a dime store Paul Kersey,

Like a junk store Dirty Harry;

You wanted revenge,

You wanted to stop the ringing,

With the front door dead bolted shut

You got set to blow out the back door.


Blow out the back door

And take it down piece by piece,

Take it down with a little back room dealing,

A little fool-proof plan,

To stop the ringing of the wedding bells

And have the state say again

“Queers ain’t welcome here!”


A little fool-proof plan,

A little back-rooming dealing,

A little laurel in your crown

To show you’re still a true blue conservative.


But just how fool-proof was that plan

When the shit started to hit the fan

Before your signature was even dry?

How fool-proof was that plan

When the conventions started to pull out

And the bands started to cancel?

How fool-proof was that plan

When the businesses started to shutter their doors

And other states were telling you they would stay away?


How fool-proof was your plan

When on a sunny Saturday afternoon

Thousands flooded the lawn of your office

And called for you to leave?

How panicked did you get

When the local news stations and national networks

Started rolling film

Of thousands of Hoosiers

Waving signs and rainbow flags

And cursing your name?


Oh you were getting paranoid,

Stammering to a reporter from the Indianapolis Star

That it was all just a misunderstanding,

That the internet was out to get you,

That there was a conspiracy against you.


You’re paranoid,

Sweaty eyed and shaking,

Repeating that everybody got it wrong,

It’s just a misinterpretation,

We just need to let you explain it a little more.

Still stammering out your frenzied pleas

As your closest allies in the statehouse

Leave you to dust

And this state is left to rot.


Oh Governor

With the thousands on the street

Calling for you to leave,

And thousands of millions of dollars

Going up in smoke,

And thousands of reporters

Dragging you through the front pages,


Was it all worth it

On a rainy Thursday morning

When you locked yourself away from the public’s eye

And signed your political suicide note?



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