Join The #resignRahm Contigent in the 2016 Pride Parade, Chicago.

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Call to Action, Events, Fight Back, resistance
If you can’t be there send your support. And remember there are many many Rahm’s in every city in this country that must be forced out of office for the good of the people. FIGHT ON!! Thanks to the Gay Liberation Network for this .
Announcing the


contingent in the

2016 Pride Parade!


Join us! if you are pissed off about Rahm Emanuel & his City Council buddies:

**    Covering up the police murder of Laquan McDonaldso that he could win an election.

**    Shutting down 50 schools, half the city’s mental health clinics, and allowing CHA housing to crumble while the CHA sits on $440 million in the bank and flips its property for yuppie housing.

**    Shoveling millions of tax payer dollars to wealthy real estate developers to build luxury hi-rises, a DePaul basketball area, and another hotel for Obama’s Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker’s Hyatt chain, while the homeless are forced to sleep underneath bridge viaducts.

**    Brutalizing our communities while de-funding them.Chicago has the 3rd highest cop per civilian ratio of any city in the nation, yet fails to discipline cops who beat and kill, particularly black and brown youth.

The city over-spends on cops but fails to fund public education, jobs and other programs for youth. It gives money to the rich but fails to fund affordable housing and mental health. The result is we live in a tinder box of violence.

Join the
#resignRahm contingent!
in the 2016 Pride Parade
Sunday, June 26
Meet at 11 AM sharp
in front of the Uptown Target, 4466 N. Broadway Ave
(1 block south of the “Wilson” stop on the Red Line)

Gay Liberation Network members will then guide you from there to location of our contingent.

Please help spread the word! Go to our
Facebook event page and invite your friends,
and share the event widely!

For more information, email or call 773.209.1187


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