We are here and YES we are Queer and we are back back back. furbirds queerly is back to turn up the heat.

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Call to Action, For your information, for your reflection

Joe, Agnes, punkpink, Tommy Gunn and a few others have said that they will take over furbirdsqueerly and do some posting and we here said why not, go ahead, do it. The times need it again and if you don’t like it then you can always close it down, move to Detroit and help to gentrify the city with yourselves. Yeah right! We hear lots of artists are moving in and we all know what that means in simple words, There goes the neighborhood. Sad but true. We have seen it over the years having been chased around NYC from one outpost that was suddenly in to the next. Where next we hear they are invading Queens. We know when the intellectual culturally counter culture class, you know the ones the enlighten intellectuals move in any working class area then soon the working class and the poor will be forced out.

We here will continue to fight war mongers and war, the police in their racist attitudes, the right wing and their anti-Trans agenda and anti-LGBT laws, the ugly choices that they give folks everyday, racism, queerphobia, sexism, xenophobia, and any other shit that tries to keep folks down. Capitalism (need we even say that??), and the move to the right by the candidates for president of the US. (Yeap, this does mean we have to fight harder)

Fully the lines are drawn in the sand and barricades are being erected and soon the big day will come. A long time coming it has been but man what joy it will bring.  The big question now is as once is and has been Which Side Are You On? Yes, this video may be a few years old now but it still speaks and is speaking. Take a listen.


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