Speak Out for Safety—Rally for Hope, New Haven, Today

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Call to Action, For your information

Speak Out for Safety — Rally for Hope

Amistad Memorial 
165 Church St. 
New Haven, CT

Let us come together in community to honor those we are losing to horrifying violence. Let us dare to dream and hope and work towards a future where we can be safe and free from fear.

In the aftermath of the slaughter of 50 trans, queer, and gendernonconforming folks at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, at a Latinx club on a Latinx night, we will unite in fear, in anger, in exasperation, and in possibility to demand safety for our community. 

We demand Safety in our streets, in our places of worship, in our schools, in our workplace, in our homes, in our places of leisure, and beyond. 

The queer and trans community is impacted by epidemic levels of violence, including but certainly not limited to:
x Violence against trans women, especially black and Latina trans women, who are being murdered in scores across the United States in 2016 and in 2015
x Violence against immigrant trans and queer people who are being detained and/or deported
x Economic violence, with our community across the country and definitely in New Haven, facing astonishing rates of unemployment and homelessness

Stand with us and in solidarity with those lost, affected, hurt, and traumatized. Let us do the work of healing together. Join us 4pm at the Amistad Memorial at 165 Church Street in New Haven, CT.


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