Quote of the Week and an Important Interview.

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Call to Action, Fight Back, for your reflection, HIGH queer art

From an interview published in Hyperallergic between Harg Vantanian and Skylar Fein. We hope that all of our readers will read the entire interview for a very valuable insight.

Hrag Vartanian: You’ve been one of the most important voices in contemporary art that has not been shy about grappling with violence against LGBTQ bodies. What was your reaction to the recent Orlando massacre?

Skylar Fein: “My god, we’re Americans now.”

I never expected to be an American. I grew up feeling like an alien: ineligible for military service —even my blood wasn’t welcome at the blood bank. Like a lot of us, I fought it, then I became comfortable with it, and then I ended up liking it. I think it was John Waters who said that the best part about being queer was that you didn’t have to serve in the military, you didn’t have to get married, and you didn’t have to march in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It never really seemed like mainstream institutions needed our support or our moral strength to function. Why should we offer it? But it’s the other way around. Most queer people are just like everyone else, and they’ll tell you this straight up. Queer has become banal — well, certainly, “gay” has. When I find out somebody’s sexual orientation, I feel like I’ve found out one of the more banal things I could find out about them. It would be more interesting to find out that the person huffs ether, or counts cards at casinos. Now we rely on transgender people to remind us of our longstanding function of terrorizing the mainstream.

So, we’re American. And when the enemies of the US want to strike at US symbols, they now strike at us! LGBT equality would seem to be another American export that can be resented and attacked as American. For anyone used to being a pariah, this will take some getting used to.

We thank Hyperallergic from bringing us this excellent interview. To read the whole interview go to  HERE.


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