Love Trumps Hate you say. Yeah, help to stop the killing and we just may believe you.

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Call to Action, for your reflection


Just a little love amerikkkan style.

We hate it when we hear that slogan being tossed around more and more lately after the murder of folks at the Pulse night club. Love Trumps Hate, Love Trumps Hate it is getting a tad bit sicken to hear the echo everywhere. Yeah, if you really believe in that then tell you president, tell your congress, tell your choice for president,tell your religious leaders, tell everyone that you know. STOP THESE WARS!! STOP THE KILLING! STOP THE WAR ON THE POOR, THE CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY IN THIS COMPANY!! Turn yourselves around and really mean it when you say that love trumps hate. We here at this blog have always opposed the idea that as long as we had or have ours then the fuck with everyone else. We say it with the elite of the LGBT community hijacking the movement for wedding bells, we see it when rainbow flags are purchased from sweat shops around the world, we see it when our sisters and brothers are bombed and no one except a very few in the LGBT community says a word. As long as it isn’t happening to us who gives a fuck. Well we do and until you do too there will be no peace, no real peace.

We support what the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago has to say:

“U.S. invasions, drone bombings and support for brutal occupations and dictators have caused a series of “failed states” with the chaos and violence forcing one of the largest mass migrations in human history. Some of these migrants are subjected to additional humiliation when they seek safety within the same United States that has made their homelands virtually uninhabitable!

If we in Chicago were being bombed by drones from a foreign power, killing our loved ones and destroying our city, who is to say that none of our 2.7 million people wouldn’t respond with violence against innocents of that other nation?

While many have responded to the Orlando tragedy with calls for gun control, little has been said about the U.S. being by far the biggest weapons exporter and spending almost as much on its military as the rest of the world combined. Until the United States ceases its forceful domination of other nations of the world, the cycle of violence will only continue.”

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