Don’t Turn In Your Gun! Get Another Better One! Better Yet Smash the Reformists!

….Tommy Gunn

” A gun in the hands of a deranged person is a very dangerous thing” so he told me yesterday after I gave a rant on why folks on the bottom shouldn’t jump at the chance of giving up their guns even if one receives a gift certificate to the nearest Walmart. He then went on to tell me that I fit the bill in his opinion of being a deranged person with mental health issues, yeah baby say I, check out the footnote to this rant. (1) So he thinks I should either give up or have someone take away my gun. There is a buyback program going on this weekend, bring it there get a gift card go shopping you’ll feel better and our workplace, our streets our lives will be a lot safer or so he says. (2)

I don’t seem to fit the profile. But yes I am as mad as a hatter or maybe a wet hen, and yes I am rubbed the wrong way more than once a day.  I’m pissed off by this fucked up system and all of its little fools who roll around in it like piglets in shit. “Good fucking thing you aren’t a cop,” he said, “man there would be a trail of dead folks and wailing mothers.”

One thing I do know in this fight again this dirty rotten system, is I am so over let’s get together and get peppered sprayed by some fat white asshole cop, or stuck in jail at the mercy of the state,  been there done that. I hate the state, everything about it. Its stinking hand even reaches towards us after we are dead to squeeze the last drop out of us. A big no thank you to be murdered like so many of our comrades, that dared to speak out and stand up to this racist, sexist, queerphobic system by some fat pig. Folks who dared to just continue to be who they are dared to say no to those who weld the baton of power over all of our heads.  Yeah I am pissed off and I still have a lot of fight left in me.  A pissed off oldster who one of these days is going to explode just to get rid of all of this shit building up inside. The great enema, the purge of all purges, the great breaking of wind, total detox, out damn shit!

I was a pacifist most of my life, came from my days going to church. Yeah I believed all of that all men are brothers, thou shall not kill, love your neighbor like yourself. I beat my swords into plowshares even if I didn’t have any need for a plow as I had no land. Gave it away to the next gal so she could plant her weed, get everybody high, sing someday peace will come and be blissfully naïve that a cultural upheaval would save the world.  I sat down in the streets, in the post office, at the White House, the Pentagon, the big house the city square, got maced in the face, hit upside my head by a cops nightstick and once when we

blocked the doors to Whitehall Induction Center the cops charged us on their horses. Sitting there singing, praying and swaying and hoping for a new day. Well that day never came and it only got worse. That day of peace no way, that day of justice for all, nay, that day of the equal distribution of the wealth forget it, as the pigs held their power tightly giving a small reform here and there nothing big just enough to make folks think that they now have a piece of the new day dawning pie that they so desperately were seeking.  Open your eyes buddy; it was and is only a crumb. One lousy crumb. Check it out it may have some mold growing on it. A crumb, just enough to keep everyone in one short tight line, hey folks gather ye crumbs together while you may let’s all make a crummy crumb pie.

Now I’m no fool and I am not going to sit around discussing and then having more discussions and then going out and standing on the street yelling and asking the passing motorists to honk for the cause. That will not bring down this system, this system with its special place in hell. Yeah, go ahead say it. Go ahead and tell me about all of the peaceful revolutions that have brought down tyrants only to be replaced by more of the same and I will tell you again why we need revolution rather than reform.

Tell me again why you all want folks to turn in their guns? When all around the sound, is sounding of jack boots in the streets alarming. We can hear them coming a mile away, like the train coming down the track only this one is not bound for glory. We had better be prepared. Turn my gun in to the cops no way. Does anyone really think that law enforcement should control all of the guns and the shooting? I’m going out and buying another one. One thing is certain this old faggot, this old pansy, this old sissy or whatever else the haters want to call me is going to be fucking prepared. They come at me I won’t be singing “Someday peace will come,” or ‘Come By Here My Lord,” and end up with a hole in my head courtesy of the state, some deranged right winger or sitting behind a fence somewhere wishing I had the balls to fight back when the time to fight back was upon us. LGBT alert!!! There is a group called Pink Pistols, look them up and join them.

Hey, you say to me, list all of the ills of this dirty rotten society that will never be corrected by reform we’ll check them off one by one and get back to you.  Nah, no games for me. Open your eyes and get out from within the confines and boundaries, from the falsehoods and lies. Get out from under the big man’s thumb.  Let’s start with a good shake up and then get down to business. Let’s stop this blowing out air and permeating all with the smell of the rich man’s institutions, nibbling at the hand that feeds us instead of biting down hard, biting through the wearing of the suit of revolt rejecting all the boundaries and confines within the man’s systems. When push comes to shove let us all be brave enough not to run back to the bosom of the war mongering capitalist pig system.

But how can we do such things? The master has his eye spies everywhere and piglets that will turn you in waiting and hoping to be larger than a mother sow someday. “Oh Master, someday soon I will be able to oink around with you.” You know these types they are all around.  Little oinks following orders, the worst kind. I had one yesterday telling me he was going to tell the big man on me because he though I was being rude to him. “Yeah go ahead,” I said, “I am not scared of the big man or anyone for that matter. You get off getting other workers in trouble spill it all over your jeans, as I am way past shaking in my boots over such things and oh what’s your name so I can simply stitch you into what I am knitting.”

There are a lot of fools all around who stand on the other side of the barricades standing with the man. Their face is his face all that face together is the enemy. Thousands, millions of them who think that everything is okay and that it’s just the way it is right now and should be. People who think that all of the ill in this society come from those at the bottom, from the immigrants and refugees, from the movements for social justice, and anyone or anything else they don’t like, pointing their finger in the wrong direction. They go about daily under the false impression that the filthy rich will always be with us so they might as well try to become one of them and if a person can’t do that then just turn their head away and get into their own little world with their own little friends, doing their own little thing the hippest way possible.

But the reality of history tells me this has always been the case until the day comes and then WHAM!! That day like no other, when so many all at once had enough, when there is a loud resounding NO! Someone once said that the genius of Capitalism is that it causes the workers to look in the mirror and spit. It is way beyond me why anyone would want to cover their face with spit? So we have a choice stop spitting or smash the mirrors.

Maybe I am an old fool still wanting to smash this system rather than play nice within the boundaries of it. Accept it with a tuck and a tweak here and there. That’s nice, just suck in its fat self but you know as well as I what we have at the end of the day is a fat self.  Diet plan, spill its guts, yeah before I die.


(1) To find out the proportion of angry people in the United States who own or carry guns and have a diagnosable mental illness, Swanson and colleagues conducted household surveys with 9,282 people from February 2001 to April 2003, excluding people who carried guns for work, resulting in a response rate of 70.9%. An analysis of survey results estimated that nearly 1 in 10 adults has access to firearms and also has a problem with anger and impulsive aggressive behavior.

These people were more likely to be male, younger, married, and to live in outlying areas around metropolitan centers rather than in central cities, Swanson and his colleagues wrote in their report.

They were significantly more likely to meet diagnostic criteria for a wide range of mental disorders, including depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, PTSD, intermittent explosive disorder, pathological gambling, eating disorder, alcohol and illicit drug use disorders, and a range of personality disorders.

What’s more, despite evidence of “considerable psychopathology” in many of these respondents, only a very small proportion, 8% to 10%, were ever hospitalized for a mental health problem.

“Because a minority of psychiatric hospitalizations are involuntary, only a small fraction of these respondents could have had a potentially gun-disqualifying involuntary commitment,” Swanson and his colleagues said in their report.

(2) Researchers who have evaluated gun control strategies say buybacks – despite their popularity – are among the least effective ways to reduce gun violence.

The biggest weakness of buybacks, which offer cash or gift cards for guns, is that the firearms they usually collect are insignificant when measured against the arsenal now in the hands of American citizens.

The government estimates there are more than 310 million guns in America today, nearly enough to arm every man, woman and child in the country.

“They make for good photo images,” said Michael Scott, director of the Center for Problem Oriented Policing, based at the University of Wisconsin’s law school. “But gun buyback programs recover such a small percentage of guns that it’s not likely to make much impact

The relatively small number of guns recovered isn’t the only problem, Scott said. Buyback programs tend to attract people who are least likely to commit crimes and to retrieve guns that are least likely to be used in crimes.

Most police departments now see buybacks as either a distraction, or as a harmless way to mobilize community groups. He said few believe they will solve the problem…Gun Buybacks Popular but ineffective experts say..USA Today 1/13/2013


Furbirdsqueerly welcomes Tommy Gunn. Tommy usually writes for the new zine in town called Hot Head. His work in the Spring Issue was a piece called “No War But Class War, Frank Little Is Still Speaking.” We hear him in this new piece. Tommy told us he loves to rant as he believes that ranting is of the people, like a good speech working up the crowd to stand up against the system fully with no turning back.



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