Black Lives Matter Pledge. Please sign.

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Call to Action


Dear Friends,

We all witnessed the horrific violence of the past week. Since then, we’ve seen the attacks on our movement intensify. In Baton Rouge, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis and beyond, we are under attack. We were reminded that despite the gains of our movement, we have work to do to end the systemic violence that visits Black communities every day.
Our movement is beautiful, Black and growing. Why would we stop now? More than ever, we need to stand together to secure the future of our movement and people.
This morning the the MBL team released a pledge, asking everyone to show courage in the face of fear and political attacks. We need you to join over 10,000 people who have signed that pledge and recommit to this movement for justice.

Ava Duvernay, Spike Lee, Jesse Williams and organizers around the world have taken a public stand. Join us now.
Please sign the pledge for justice and share it with all your networks. Use the hashtag #M4BLPledge to join the conversation online and stay vigilant. We will be calling on you in the coming days to take action online and in your community.

Be ready. Be encouraged.

Until Victory,
Movement For Black Lives Organizing Team


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