Help to Wall Off Trump!

Posted: July 13, 2016 in art, Call to Action

Donald Trump is bringing his three-ring circus of hate into Cleveland next week for the Republican Convention. So we’re heading to Cleveland with a few thousand Americans of all stripes to build a wall around Trump. Literally. And we need your help.

We’re working with a bunch of bad-ass partners to create a 15,000 foot-long wall! Our wall will be made of fabric and stenciled and painted by artists (and kids!) to look like a real wall. Our wall won’t divide cultures and families; our wall brings us together and speaks truth to power.

Some sections of our wall will be held by courageous front-line activists to peacefully blockade Trump’s convention. Thousands of Americans will march through Cleveland with sections of our wall before attaching it to the 15,000 foot-long security fence that Cleveland is building to protect Trump from the voice of the people.

Check out our #WallOffTrump Indiegogo page and chip-in to make it happen.

The world media spotlight will be on Cleveland, and the drama of our wall of protest will be too good to ignore. We’ll make sure reports on the convention include the fact that Trump is surrounded by people determined to contain his hateful democracy-killing campaign. People around the country will be inspired to join the opposition.

Trump’s vision for our country is as small as his hands. His campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is racist code for ‘Make America Hate Again,’ and he promises that if elected, he’ll build a wall between the US and Mexico. If he even comes close to winning this election, he will inspire a thousand racist copycat politicians.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, America! So we’re partnering with Mijente, the Ruckus Society, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Working Families Party, SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), and others to build our very own wall around Trump to keep his politics, his hair, and his rampant racism quarantined.

All across the wall, individuals, communities, and social movements will be adding their own messages. Help us out and we’ll add your message to #WallOffTrump!

We need materials, supplies, paint, and a ton of fabric (15,000 feet) to make this epic wall. Our wall is $2 per foot to create, a bargain considering it will become one of the largest pieces of political art ever!

Our friends in Mexico are already chipping in to pay for it! Will you please join them? We need 15,000 feet of wall to #WallOffTrump. How many feet can you contribute?

John Sellers

PS If you’d like to join us in Cleveland (or know of an allied organization that’s going) check out our action website, WallOffTrump.US and sign up to help us build the wall!!


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