Who you gonna vote for?? Socialist Workers Party Candidates 2016.

Posted: July 15, 2016 in Call to Action, For your information

Next up in our Who you gonna vote for series is the Socialist Workers Party USA. A reminder to all of our readers we are posting these candidates in this series as a information please  series so anyone who wants to vote but shuns the mainstream can read about various left candidates who are running in the November 2016 elections, join their campaigns and vote for what we believe in. Remember as this party and these candidates say, “Don’t organize around who you are against, fight for what you are for.” For more information on this campaign go to HERE. 

 Bios of candidates

 initial statement of the 2016 SWP Campaign

Just because we list candidates it does not mean that we will be voting for them or supporting their campaigns. But remember that anyone of the Socialist candidates running for president and vice president gives to us the opportunity to vote for something that we believe in rather than with the bosses and the capitalist systems candidates of the twin parties of evil.


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