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“The campaign’s focus throughout the upcoming year will not be on the candidates. The campaign’s focus will be on you. You are the mother, the father, the student, the worker. You are the community — the community that fights for the breath of dignity as the boot of oppression digs its heel into your throat – and you are the sacred, essential ingredient necessary for liberation. Capitalism and its defenders tremble when contemplating your power. That fear makes us smile, as we are seeing the dawn of a new era of equality, peace, and justice peeking over the horizon. Its light heals our collective wounds. It is the light of socialism.”

For more about the Socialist Party USA’s platform and issues go to HERE.  and their facebook page HERE.

This in today from the Gay Liberation Network, Chicago. Photo sums it up very well.

Judge and exectuioner chicago

Gay Liberation Network members discuss why Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel should resign and recent police misconduct. This program was recorded on June 10, 2016 at Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).

Check out the GLN’s excellent response in their PRIDE month show.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has long been very active in this area. Our comrades in New Haven are always out in the fore-front of revolutionary activity and if not for them many times there would be no action. We ask that everyone seriously consider supporting the PSL candidates in the 2016 election.


Party for Socialism and Liberation 2016 Presidential Campaign:

Gloria La Riva for President
Eugene Puryear for Vice President

For the Earth and humanity to live, capitalism must end!
End racism, police brutality & mass incarceration!
Fight for socialism!

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is running Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President as part of its Vote Socialist in 2016 campaign.

“Capitalism is a corrupt, bankrupt system that is destroying the environment while the super-rich accrue obscene wealth,” stated Gloria La Riva. “The capitalist bankers torched the economy and the federal government bailed them out with our money. What an outrage! Today the criminal bankers are richer than ever while millions of working people have been plunged into poverty. A socialist system shatters this destructive model.

Vice Presidential candidate Puryear said that, “a socialist system would make the highest priority eliminating institutionalized racism, bigotry and inequalities. Police brutality and mass incarceration would be ended. Citizenship would automatically be granted to all people living in the United States. Access to contraception and abortion would be guaranteed to all women. Equality in every area of life would be realized for women and LGBTQ people. Socialism can only be achieved by a mass people’s movement that ends the dictatorship of Wall Street. Join us in building that movement!”

For more info go to: The PSL 2016 Presidential Campaign.


Do you hate the rich as much as we do? Part 1.

by Allyson Kirby and punkpink

“Yeah,” said Mickey and Moe, this here furbirdsqueerly must be a hate blog. Haters gonna hate. “I wonder,” said Mickey to Moe, “is there such a thing as positive hate?” You know a good kind like the kind within the statement I HATE RICH PEOPLE! and to that add a passion for real change. Is there really anything wrong with inciting intense dislike for the rich, for what they do to all of us?  Some expect me to love them, love trumps hate as they tell me, send out that love, and with all that burning love they will change their ways and do that which is right. You’ll feel so much better as you starve in their splendor, as they send their minions in to beat you, spray your face, jail you, throw you out of your home or kill you in the streets.  I was brought up on the other side of town where when we reached for the fruits of the rich man, got ourselves slapped and our asses burned for stealing his fruit off of the heavily laden trees. Even the apples on the ground were forbidden, “Better to stay there and rot, feed the bees.” “They got to eat too.” That was my first introduction to I am rich you are poor get the fuck off my property, chased off the land by a gun totting lick ass handy man of Mr. and Mrs. Rich. Mandy got caught and dragged home to her mother where she was promptly spanked and told not to hang out with me anymore and to never ever go over to that side of town again. Your father needs his job at the thread mill. The trouble with it all was that Mr. Rich controlled 90 percent of the jobs in that small town and to go up against his high holy ass would spell trouble for anyone. To go up against him would mean, you had better get out of town and find somewhere else to work as suddenly everything closed down for you and your family. Mr. Henry wanted to shoot him but his wife said, “I wouldn’t spend one second in jail for the likes of that bastard.” Now I want to remind folks reading this that this was not back way back in the day like 1605 or something. No this was in the 1950’s in a small New England town. “Feudalism,” said Goosey, “survived.” “Yeah, you know,” said Mickey, “that sure made an impression on young pink.”

Does anyone really think that I a little trouble maker from way back was gonna sit back and take it. My best friend no longer was my best friend all because of fright instilled in folks by the rich man. Nope, one day in the month of May I sneaked over to Mr. Rich’s cow pasture and opened the gate, slid back into the woods and watched. Well pretty soon old Betsy cow came over  saw the gate was opened and went out. Out she went followed by some of the other cows. Yeah, Betsy and all the girls, the grass is greener over there, down the street, somewhere else. Go, go, go to wherever there is to go. You’re free. Shoo, Shoo, run away. Go on down to Main Street and cause a traffic jam ruckus in the village center. Sharon and Peter’s goose did it once and got on the front page of the afternoon newspaper. Who let the cows out, who let the cows out who, who, who. Well I ran all the way home and no one was wiser about who let the cows out.  Yeah we saw it first hand. How much the rich folks and the folks who wished to lick their bottoms clean hated us on our side of town. If that rich Beaven boy could take Marge Smith out to the island, rape her and leave her there to die and no one do anything about it as the family bought his way out and she was a tramp, looking for some money, hoping to snag a rich boy and besides her father was a drunk and her mother eked out a living the best she could. No boys and girls not much had changed in all of those years. Some still hold the stick over our heads, wielding the baton of power and keeping us all down and in a short line.

Why do folks hate the rich. Are we jealous of them? Hardly. How about this America’s economy has grown out of recession for the past seven years, but the vast majority of that growth has gone to the wealthy instead of working people? Could it have to do with the fact that the stock market has increased vastly since 2007, but wages have not only stagnated, they’ve declined.  How about in San Francisco where the poor and working class are being thrown out of their homes for the wealthy techies. Over and over again we hear about more and more folks becoming homeless because of the gentrifying of the city. More and more we read about statements from these rich folks against the poor and working class. Isn’t it time to start the ball rolling and and do what needs to be done. Their mere presence disgusts me. Nothing is going to change if we love them. No they won’t change, but only we will have that opportunity of change even if it isn’t the type of change that is good for us. We will sink down and down some of us will die on the way down and then everyone will wonder how the hell did we get so down. These folks who take at every turn and give very little back. Oh for the days of the guillotine! Oh for the days of a real uprising, with out the slogans of love, love love, all you need is love. As was stated by Robespierre, “To defend the oppressed against their oppressors, to plead the cause of the weak against the strong who exploit and crush them, this is the duty of all hearts that have not been spoiled by egoism and corruption.” (more…)

In from the SumOfUs.

Nestlé wants to build a $35 million water-bottling facility in sunbaked Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

Phoenix, one of the driest cities in the United States, gets its water from the drought-plagued Colorado River. The whole state has been advised to “share in the shortage” to protect the long-term water supply. But it’s about to let Nestlé bottle 35 million gallons for profit.

Phoenix residents have been conserving water for years. Now Nestlé wants that water to bottle and sell it back to the public at 2,000 times the cost.

Tell the Government of Phoenix: Don’t let Nestlé build a water bottling plant in the middle of a desert.

Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S and has been in a drought for the past 17 years. With a booming population and global water scarcity on the horizon, allowing Nestlé to pump water from an already starved water supply is beyond careless.

Phoenix needs infrastructure to get water to the people who need it in times of emergency, not to give its water to a multinational corporation to make millions in profit.

Tell the Government of Phoenix not to allow Nestlé to bottle water in a desert!

It’s the same story: Nestlé swoops in on a town that has fallen on economic hard times and cut a deal to bottle local water as a boon to the economy. In reality, the plant will likely only create only 40-50 permanent jobs and could put the city’s already limited supply at greater risk.

That’s where we come in. Over 250,000 SumOfUs members just stood up to stop Nestlé from doing exactly the same thing in Hood River, Oregon. SumOfUs supported local organizers in introducing a historic ballot initiative to stop Nestlé in its tracks — making Hood River the first place in the country to ban the commercial bottling of water.

And across the world, we’re fighting against water privatization — and winning. This week, we scored a major victory inNew Zealand, getting the government to reverse its decision to allow 40 million liters of our water to be sold off for private profit.

We’ve been fighting for water rights as long as we’ve been fighting corporate power. We’ve gone toe-to-toe with Nestlé in Canada, California, and all over the world. And we’ve won before. Help us keep up the pressure again.

Tell the Government of Phoenix: Don’t let Nestlé suck Arizona dry.

Thanks for all you do,
Paul, Nicole, Angus, and the rest of the SumOfUs team

“The only time there is change in this country is when people rise up and fight for it. That is why we are running to help organize the fight.” and this tells it like we like it, We do not fight for a softer, kinder capitalism, for just a little more of the wealth we have created. We want it all. We want to build a worker’s world. This is the message of our campaign.” To that we can only add YES! For more information on this campaign see HERE.

Worse than Trump!

Posted: July 15, 2016 in Call to Action, Fight Back

In from Ultra-Violet.

Never heard of Governor Mike Pence–Donald Trump’s new running mate? Neither have most people. But his record is downright horrifying for women–and we need to get the word out. He has made a career out of destroying Planned Parenthood, Roe v Wade, and every single protection for LGBT people.1 He cut over $1 million from Indiana’s domestic violence programs.2 And he even tried to pass a law to mandate that only some forms of rape are illegal.3

Together they form one of the most anti-woman presidential tickets in history. Can you share this graphic to let everyone know how extremist Mike Pence is?

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