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We found this image over at the site Cahokian. Since he didn’t know where it came from and we don’t either but consider it to be a great statement on this years mainstream election we publish it. Who ever did this graphic we can only say thank you so very much for telling it like it should be told. Yeah kids push them over the cliff, all of them.

Protest NATO in Warsaw and the U.S.

Saturday, July 9, at the Army Recruiting Center in Times Square (200 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036)

UNAC, along with the U.S. Peace Council, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, and several other groups, has initiated a call for a rally in New York City on July 9, 2016while NATO is meeting in Warsaw, Poland to protest NATO and its aggressive expansion.  Other protests will be held in other cities in the U.S., and UNAC is sending a representative to Poland to join the anti-NATO protests there and to speak at the rally and alternative summit that is being organized.  The New York rally will take place at 2 PM on Saturday, July 9, at the Army Recruiting Center in Times Sq. (200 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036).  Please join the Facebook event and share it with your Facebook friends:¬if_id=1466348341431509.

We urge UNAC affiliated groups and others to organize NATO protests in your area.  Besides New York, there are protests being planned in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and other places.


Los Angeles:

San Francisco:


To have your organization endorse the protests, please go here:

The full text of the call with the initiating groups can be found here:


R.I.P Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling was a 37-year-old Black father of five selling CDs outside of a local store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.1 He did not deserve to die.

Yet here we are again. Another Black man slain by police.Another hashtag carrying the fury and pain of his community. And another family deep in mourning – in the same state that passed the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill to silence protests against police violence.2

News just broke that the FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division will be leading an independent investigation into his murder – and we have to keep up the pressure until they deliver accountability.3 Will you sign the petition demanding the Department of Justice bring charges against the two officers that killed Alton Sterling?

Tell the Department of Justice: Don’t waste any time. Bring charges against the officers that killed Alton Sterling NOW.

On Tuesday night, Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside a local store, like he always does, when police arrived on the scene.The police tased him, held him down on the ground, and shot him in the chest and back. In the witness-recorded video, you can hear the officer shouting “If you f—ing move, I swear to God!”4

The Baton Rouge police pulled a gun out of his pocket after they killed him. However, witness accounts say Sterling was not holding the gun, and his hands were never near his pockets. This is eerily akin to the killing of Eric Garner.5

When Alton Sterling’s aunt, Sandra Sterling, heard about the killing and tried to identify her nephew, the Baton Rouge police – showing no remorse for what they had just done – threatened to taser her too.6These officers have no respect for Black life, and must be held accountable.

Tell the Department of Justice to hold the officers that killed Alton Sterling accountable.

It’s no coincidence that Alton Sterling’s murder took place in the same state that signed the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ law designed to feign protection of police instead of actually protecting Black lives – or that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate across the country.7

In so many ways, Black people are under attack in Louisiana. But an independent investigation by the Department of Justice could mean systemic changes in local policing as well as accountability for Alton Sterling’s killers. When the FBI and DOJ took over the Walter Scott investigation, it led to multiple indictments including a murder charge from the state.8 If thousands of us stand up now, we can make sure the Department of Justice brings charges against Alton Sterling’s murderers too.

Sign the petition. Demand the Department of Justice ensures accountability for Alton Sterling’s murder.

Until justice is real,

–Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Clarise, Enchanta and the rest of the ColorOfChange team. (more…)

This radical response to the shooting at the Pluse Nightclub in Orlando is a must to be listened to. Radical queers Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore and Yasmin Nair give us a much needed perspective on the shooting.

Radical Queer Perspectives on the Orlando Shooting as talked about on KPFA.

Thanks to Chris of Socialist Action for this excellent article. The article is written by Jeff Mackler who is the Socialist Action’s candidate for president.
Bernie Sanders’ demise: What are the lessons?
“Sanders, ‘political revolution’ rhetoric in hand, has consciously stepped forward to lend legitimacy to the Democratic Party, the nation’s infamous ‘graveyard of social movements.’”

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Also, check out the new article on the struggle for immigrant rights! 

Don’t Turn In Your Gun! Get Another Better One! Better Yet Smash the Reformists!

….Tommy Gunn

” A gun in the hands of a deranged person is a very dangerous thing” so he told me yesterday after I gave a rant on why folks on the bottom shouldn’t jump at the chance of giving up their guns even if one receives a gift certificate to the nearest Walmart. He then went on to tell me that I fit the bill in his opinion of being a deranged person with mental health issues, yeah baby say I, check out the footnote to this rant. (1) So he thinks I should either give up or have someone take away my gun. There is a buyback program going on this weekend, bring it there get a gift card go shopping you’ll feel better and our workplace, our streets our lives will be a lot safer or so he says. (2)

I don’t seem to fit the profile. But yes I am as mad as a hatter or maybe a wet hen, and yes I am rubbed the wrong way more than once a day.  I’m pissed off by this fucked up system and all of its little fools who roll around in it like piglets in shit. “Good fucking thing you aren’t a cop,” he said, “man there would be a trail of dead folks and wailing mothers.”

One thing I do know in this fight again this dirty rotten system, is I am so over let’s get together and get peppered sprayed by some fat white asshole cop, or stuck in jail at the mercy of the state,  been there done that. I hate the state, everything about it. Its stinking hand even reaches towards us after we are dead to squeeze the last drop out of us. A big no thank you to be murdered like so many of our comrades, that dared to speak out and stand up to this racist, sexist, queerphobic system by some fat pig. Folks who dared to just continue to be who they are dared to say no to those who weld the baton of power over all of our heads.  Yeah I am pissed off and I still have a lot of fight left in me.  A pissed off oldster who one of these days is going to explode just to get rid of all of this shit building up inside. The great enema, the purge of all purges, the great breaking of wind, total detox, out damn shit!

I was a pacifist most of my life, came from my days going to church. Yeah I believed all of that all men are brothers, thou shall not kill, love your neighbor like yourself. I beat my swords into plowshares even if I didn’t have any need for a plow as I had no land. Gave it away to the next gal so she could plant her weed, get everybody high, sing someday peace will come and be blissfully naïve that a cultural upheaval would save the world.  I sat down in the streets, in the post office, at the White House, the Pentagon, the big house the city square, got maced in the face, hit upside my head by a cops nightstick and once when we (more…)


To support drone whistleblower Cian Westmoreland, click here.

Read about his recent work at the European Parliament in the Guardian here.

With great humility but great hope, I’m writing to you from a hostel room somewhere in Berlin, attempting to reach out to tell you something that I and others like me know — but governments and weapons companies would prefer you didn’t question.

My name is Cian Westmoreland, and I am a former U.S. Air Force communications technician who built the signals relay station for receiving and transmitting data — used in airstrikes — obtained over 240,000 square miles of Afghanistan.

I discovered that in the time I served there, my system was a key component used in bombings from drones and other aircraft that killed at least 359 innocent civilians. This was a number derived from a UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan report for the year 2009.

Knowledge of my “life’s work” at that time took me down a painful path of tremendous guilt, hopelessness, isolation, and nightmares to what ultimately culminated in me looking over a bridge at the Rio Grande, with the plan of taking my own life in October 2015. It was news of a bombing — using my equipment — of an MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that brought me there that day.

I committed myself to the VA to protect me from harming myself. Less than a month later, on November 18, 2015, I decided to join fellow drone whistleblowers Brandon Bryant, Michael Haas, and Stephen Lewis in speaking out as a group for the first time.

Michael Haas-Brandon Bryant-Cian Westmoreland-Stephen Lewis-2
Michael Haas, Brandon Bryant, Cian Westmoreland and Stephen Lewis, the four U.S. veteran whistleblowers who served as drone operators in the US Air Force

We drafted a letter to President Obama, General Michael Hayden, and CIA Director John Brennan urging them to stop the extrajudicial bombings, reminding them that this policy is creating more terrorists than it is eliminating. For all of us, there is no turning back.

In the past month, I have been connecting with people around the globe, touring with drone surveillance whistleblower Lisa Ling with a film she is in called “National Bird,” directed by Sonia Kennebeck, to educate the public about what the drone program really is, and to represent those people who have been psychologically and physically traumatized by drones on all sides of these strikes.

As the recipient of the first Drone Whistleblower Fellowship of the RootsAction Education Fund, I ask that you consider supporting my work through this fellowship. If you donate, your tax-deductible contribution will help to strengthen my efforts for peace.

Cian Westmoreland

For an excellent article see: U.S Air Force drone operators expose the crimes of their murderer regime. —from the Real Syrian Free Press

Tell the Norwegian Government to Let Edward Snowden Come to Norway

On November 18, Edward Snowden will be awarded Norwegian PEN’s Ossietzky Prize for outstanding achievements as a whistleblower. We do not want Snowden’s chair to be empty in the University Hall in Oslo due to lack of approval to travel to Oslo, as Ossietzky himself was prevented by Hitler from coming to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1936.

Co-inviters behind this petition include:
Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Daniel Ellsberg, Marit Arnstad, Jesselyn Radack, Arne Ruth, Ola Larsmo, Coleen Rowley, Thomas Drake, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Marjorie Cohn, William Binney, William Nygaard, John Kiriakou, Moddi, and Mari Boine.

Please sign this petition to the Government of Norway:

We urge the government of Norway to ensure that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden can safely enter Norway to receive The Ossietzky Prize, which will be formally bestowed upon Mr. Snowden by the freedom of expression group Norwegian PEN 18 November 2016. This will require that Norway commit to providing Mr. Snowden guaranteed protection from extradition to the United States.
To take Action go to HERE.

“Don’t dare surrender, don’t throw away your life. Don’t back the leader’s wars, don’t believe their lies. Dare to struggle, and break off your chains. No War but Class War! No War but Class War!.. Leon Czolgosz