With Black Lives at Stake, Words Matter

Posted: August 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Check out this important article by one of our comrades. Many thanks to Steve for this.

The Shoeleather History Project

black-lives-matter-keeney-771x578 Keney Park Rally, December, 2014

Quiet down, class.  It’s time to review some definitions.  This time, let’s focus on current events:

“Black Lives Matter.”  Here’s a phrase that has been incorrectly defined with increasing frequency.  To insist on the value of African American lives is not to say that “all lives” don’t matter.

Too often, the “all lives” retort is shouted from a car window at BLM protestors, which happened recently in West Hartford.  The impetus behind “all lives” is short step away from the “White lives matter” flyer anonymously distributed in Milford three months ago.

A cartoon I just saw put it perfectly.  Jesus is giving his Sermon on the Mount.  At the point where he says “Blessed are the poor…,’ he is interrupted.  Someone in the crowd yells out “Blessed are ALL lives, Jesus.”

“Hate Crimes.”  Killing a police officer is not a hate crime. It is no…

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