Say NO to Pepsi’s Practices!

Posted: August 8, 2016 in Call to Action, For your information, knowledge is power

In from the Sumofus.

Remember when Cindy Crawford, the biggest supermodel in the 90s starred in that steamy Pepsi ad?

Well we’re bringing that back (kind of).

To crash the launch of Crystal Pepsi (it’s hitting grocery store shelves in the US right now!), we’ve created a spoof ad to get under Pepsi’s skin and force it to only use responsible palm oil.

To pressure Pepsi, we need as many people as possible watching the video. That’s where you come in.

Pepsi buys over 470,000 metric tons of palm oil per year to make products that we buy like Doritos, Cheetos, Quaker Granola Bars, and Lay’s potato chips.

The reality of what happens on oil palm plantations is very different to Pepsi’s fun, sexy advertising campaigns.

Pepsi’s conflict palm oil is driving rainforest destruction and the extinction of already endangered animals like orangutans, tigers, and elephants. Workers in the palm oil industry are paid unethically low wages, and many don’t have adequate health and safety protection.

With the launch of Crystal Pepsi today, now’s a good time to spread the word about Pepsi’s practices, by watching the video and sharing the video with your friends, family, and colleagues.


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