Facebook just took away one of the most important tools we have to help hold police accountable – social media.

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Call to Action, Fight Back

In from ColorOfChange. This very disturbing article and action by Facebook.

Facebook just took away one of the most important tools we have to help hold police accountable – social media.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, at the request of police, deactivated the social media accounts of Korryn Gaines, a 23-year-old Black woman shot to death by Baltimore County police last Monday. She was broadcasting the standoff on Facebook that led to police shooting her 5-year-old son and killing her.1

Social media and shareable videos have been crucial not just for raising awareness about the injustices Black folks like Korryn and her son face every day from police, but in allowing us to control our own stories and narratives. Without access to social media, the police control the narrative. And when police control that narrative we’re always portrayed as people who deserved to die. This a dangerous precedent. To keep our message from getting out, police are going to keep taking our social media out.

Demand Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stop censoring users at the request of the police.

With the introduction of Facebook live video last April, the social media giant will increasingly be put in the position of controlling one of the most powerful tools used to make police violence against Black folks visible. Just last month, the Facebook livestream of Philando Castile’s death at the hands of police sparked nationwide protests. But this latest incident makes us wonder, what if police had asked Facebook to shut down Diamond Reynolds’ Facebook as she streamed the police killing of her boyfriend, Philando Castile?

Had police done that, we might only have seen police fed news headlines about a Black man with a gun being killed by police. We never would have known the true story that Philando Castile was a licensed gun owner who was complying with police orders. And we would never have witnessed their brutality against him nor felt the grief and bravery of Diamond Reynolds and her daughter.

This is why Facebook’s decision to censor Korryn Gaines’ social media accounts at the request of the police is so dangerous for our communities. If Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook continue to comply with police requests to suspend social media broadcasts and accounts, it will rob us of our voices and our narratives and it will shield police violence from the public.

Demand Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stop censoring users at the request of the police.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone to great lengths to declare his and his company’s support for the Movement for Black Lives. He’s made public statements about the need to address systemic racism in the US and last month, and even hung a massive sign of support outside Facebook headquarters. But so far he and Facebook have been slow to take actions in support of Black folks.

Last year, Zuckerberg dragged his feet when it came to addressing the racist bullying occurring on his site. But when Republicans complained about censorship of right-wing content on his site earlier this year, Zuckerberg immediately hosted a meeting with top-GOP operatives to reassure them of his site’s neutrality. To date, Facebook has not acted to address Black movement leaders concerns with Facebook’s censorship of Black users like Korryn Gaines.

Not only that, but Zuckerberg was all too happy to let Facebook help sponsor Trump’s coronation at the RNC. But if we pile on the pressure while this issue is making front page news, we could force Mark Zuckerberg to go beyond words to action and make Facebook change its policy.

Demand Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stop censoring users at the request of the police.

Until Justice is Real,

–Brandi, Rashad, Arisha, Evan, Anika, Bernard, Corina, Jade and the rest of the ColorOfChange team.


1. “Facebook deactivated Korryn Gaines’ account during standoff, police say,” The Guardian, 08-03-2016


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