Judge Aaron Persky removed from hearing criminal cases! Great Job!!

Posted: August 27, 2016 in Call to Action, For your information, Saying it like it should be said.

In from UltraViolet some great news.

Protestors Seek ‘Pink Slip’ For Embattled Judge

News broke last night that Judge Aaron Persky, the judge in the Stanford rape case, has been removed from all criminal cases. He will no longer preside over cases like the one in which he sentenced Brock Turner to just six months in jail.1 This is huge.

More than one million UltraViolet members–including you–demanded Persky be removed from the bench, and the announcement came just a day after UltraViolet members gathered outside the California Commission on Judicial Performance with giant pink slips. This news shows just what we can accomplish when we all stand up together in the face of injustice.

Ever since the story about Judge Persky and Brock Turner broke, UltraViolet members have been mobilizing to keep the pressure on. Together, we did not give up. Our work generated thousands of press hits across the country, and legal agencies in California received hundreds of calls demanding accountability for Judge Persky. Here’s just a little bit of what we accomplished together:

  • More than one million UltraViolet members–including you–signed a petition demanding Persky be removed from the bench.

  • Bay Area members delivered these signatures to the California Commission on Judicial Performance on June 10.

  • UltraViolet flew a plane over Stanford University before commencement ceremonies with a banner reading: “Protect Survivors. Not Rapists. #PerskyMustGo.”

  • We took out a full-page ad in The Stanford Daily’s graduation issue inviting students and alumni to take a stand against rape culture. More than 1,000 Stanford alumni signed on to a letter to the Commission to remove Persky from the bench.

  • At the June 29 meeting of the Commission, survivors of sexual assault and their allies shared their stories and called for Judge Persky’s removal from the bench.

  • More than 4,500 UltraViolet and Courage Campaign members in California pledged to never serve in Judge Persky’s courtroom.

  • And finally, just this week, UltraViolet members gathered outside the Commission’s meeting to read aloud the survivor’s powerful letter, and deliver pink slips for Judge Persky.

There is still work to do, but together we have taken a huge step toward ending rape culture. Thanks for being part of it.

–Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, and Emma, the UltraViolet team

P.S. Check out some of the pictures from the campaign here.



1. Judge In Stanford Sex Assault Case Will No Longer Hear Criminal Cases, BuzzFeed, Aug 25, 2016


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