Detroit’s Political Repression of artists, Lucka and Antonio. Turn on the water! Shut down the new Detroit!

Posted: September 17, 2016 in Call to Action, Fight Back, Solidarity

It’s that time again!

Next Friday, September 23, is the final pre-trial conference for Lucka & Antonio. Here’s how you can help:

8:00 AM – Gather at the steps of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
8:30 AM – Free the Water press conference begins
9:00 AM – Go into the courtroom and/or hold banners outside the courthouse

Lucka & Antonio have been in and out of court since March 22. Two lower courts passed the case forward, then offered intolerable settlements, asking them to take the felony charge or spend time in jail. Join them in fighting back against political repression and Duggan’s war on public space.

Hit the courthouse steps on Friday, September 23!

Courtrooms are public spaces. Your support is welcome! But remember: no cell phones, computers, or electronic devices are allowed inside, and please do not wear shorts or sandals.

Lucka’s original art & prints are for sale at the Bottom Line Coffee House through Friday. Proceeds benefit the legal defense fund.
— 4474 3rd Ave. in Detroit —

Fighting multiple felonies is very costly.
Follow this link to DONATE NOW to the legal defense fund

For more information on this case go to HERE.


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