Anti-capitalist Perspectives on the Elections. Why Vote Socialist in 2016.

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Call to Action, Fight war and war mongers, For your information

Why Vote Socialist in 2016? 
Anti-capitalist Perspectives on the Elections

With Socialist Action’s Presidential Candidate Jeff Mackler 

Where: Central CT State University Student Center, Camp Room
When: Sept. 22 @ 7pm

Everyday it becomes more clear that Capitalism is not the answer for workers, students, and oppressed communities. Police brutality, climate change, student debt, unemployment and low wages have many looking for alternative solutions. 

Hear Socialist Action’s presidential candidate, Jeff Mackler, discuss how a socialist world can be organized on the basis of human needs and principles of sustainability. We can do away with exploitation and corporate greed once and for all.

Jeff Mackler, National Secretary of Socialist Action, is also: 
– Director, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu Jamal-
– Administrative Committee member, UNAC
– Founder/Steering Committee, Northern California Mobilization
– author, 20 books and pamphlets on key political, economic and social issues.

Hosted by CCSU YSA        


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