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The F-35 is a weapon of offensive war, serving no defensive purpose. It is planned to cost the U.S. $1.4 trillion over 50 years. Because starvation on earth could be ended for $30 billion and the lack of clean drinking water for $11 billion per year, it is first and foremost through the wasting of resources that this airplane will kill.

We’re launching a global effort, working with local communities to stop the F-35 by keeping it out of any planned basing locations. Add your name to the worldwide petition here.

Military spending, contrary to popular misconception, alsohurts the U.S. economy and other economies. The F-35 causes negative health impacts and cognitive impairment in children living near its bases. It renders housing near airports unsuitable for residential use. It has a high crash rate and horrible consequences to those living in the area of its crashes. Its emissions are a major environmentalpolluter. For documentation of all of these facts, see the petition page.

Wars are endangering the United States and other participating nations rather than protecting them.Nonviolent tools of law, diplomacy, aid, crisis prevention, and verifiable nuclear disarmament should be substituted for continuing counterproductive wars. (more…)

October 31, 2016

Dear Members and Friends of Hands Off Syria Coalition,

We write to you with great sense of apprehension that we are on the eve of wider war against Syria. The Hands Off Syria Coalition’s Coordinating Committee expresses its most sincere gratitude for your commitment to peace. As you can see from the list of endorsers on the Coalition’s web site, the response to the Hands Off Syria Statement of Unity has been tremendous. It has been translated into 6 languages, has well over a thousand signers and has sparked a desperately needed discussion. It is now time for us to put the force of this unity into action and work together to bring an end to the war on Syria and its people.

The process of drafting a unity statement to oppose the war on Syria started a couple of months ago, when leading members of several peace organizations initiated a discussion on the need to stand up to the intense war propaganda justifying U.S. / NATO intervention in Syria. “Points of Unity” were drafted and approved by the initiating group based on the painful experience of lies and fabricated charges used in past U.S. wars. We then reached out to about 50 other organizations and leading individuals in the peace and justice movement for their comments and feedback. It was only after their feedback was incorporated into a final Points of Unity Statement that the document was publicized broadly. This is how the Hands Off Syria Coalition was formed. (more…)

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Time to defy sexual and political predators

By Doug Barnes, FSP National Secretary

The choice between an establishment feminist warmonger and a racist, woman-defiling bankruptcy expert is no choice at all. Watching Donald Trump stalk Hillary Clinton on stage during their second debate, I wondered: was he calculating to intimidate or just doing what comes naturally? His misogyny is hard-wired.

I abhor Trump’s boasting about his assaults on women and encouragement of supporters to beat up protesters. Increased fear-mongering and bigotry in the classrooms already has a name: the ”Trump effect.” His prescriptions of exile, imprisonment, or extermination for everyone he condemns are scarily reminiscent of fascism’s “final solution.”

Many folks are pushing the lesser-evil hard sell — that argument pulled out every four years. This time it means, “We gotta vote for Clinton to avoid Trump.” Gimme a break! Clinton’s true self has been exposed (again) in the WikiLeaks emails. She is a conniving politician hell-bent on power at all costs and an even worse warmonger than Obama has proven to be. Visit to see FSP’s choice for voting socialist to protest the two-party scam.

Beyond that, it’s time for the Left to pull together and put out a call to resist the right-wing tide. In this spirit, FSP will be organizing post-election forums, whoever wins, to discuss what next for activists. We’ll hold them in early December in New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. Regardless of who takes possession of the White House, it’s clear that the war on workers at home and abroad will still be going on. FSP wants to join with others to discuss what strategies can be used to kick-start a larger movement to fight back.

Info on the forums will be posted at We’d like to see you there and hear what you think can be done for those of us who aren’t billionaires or corporate-owned politicians — the downtrodden, the refugees, the oppressed and the depressed! We all have a role to play in lifting up our class after such a dismal showing of the best capitalism has to offer. Let’s rise up and cleanse ourselves of the rotten stench of this foul system.

Yale: Change the Name!

Rally Friday, 3PM
Elm St and College St

The ANSWER Coalition is organizing for and supporting the work of the Coalition to Change the Name and this important rally on Friday:

Join us as we rally with the New Haven community to demand that Yale University change the name of Calhoun College, named after one of the nation’s most ardent proponents of slavery. The name Calhoun is an affront to our community and has no place in our city. It is time that Yale honor the residents of this city by dismantling this shrine to white supremacy.

For decades, students, faculty, employees and community members have demanded that Yale change the name of Calhoun College. The College is named for John C. Calhoun, the seventh Vice President of the United States and a notorious racist and slave owner who said on the floor of the U.S. Senate that slavery was a “positive good” for the United States.

Despite a majority of Yale students calling on Yale to rename the College early this year, the administration has outright refused to do so.

Join this important rally and march Friday at 3PM outside Calhoun College at Elm St and College St in New Haven.

Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

I am one of a group of Native American activists and allies who have been protesting an oil pipeline that is set to cross the Missouri River a mile away from the Standing Rock reservation, and threatens to poison our water. For months, we have been peacefully working to stop construction on what we see as a threat to the safety of all people, yet we have been met with only violence and mistreatment by law enforcement for doing what we believe is right.

The county sheriff is not doing his job, which is to protect all people in Morton County. Sign my petition asking Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to conduct an ethics investigation into Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and remove him from office.

Under his leadership, Morton County police have failed to protect peaceful North Dakotans from vicious dog attacks, unleashed by a private security company. Sheriff Kirchmeier has displayed bias on Facebook and in media interviews, and has withheld information from North Dakotan residents in order to further the agenda of the Dakota Access LLC. (more…)


50 Years Out of High School and What Have I Done? (you know the rest)


Benny Bean

Part 3.

You know I gotta admit it. I really didn’t do anything since the days I left the halls of high school. No I didn’t sing for nickels and dimes on the street corners but shook my ass an made a few bucks from fucks with men who liked hot young things. I stuck out my tongue as much as I suck out my thumb going from place to place hanging out moving along with the times. No I never became a famous artist or a leader of the pack. I was terrible at singing, finances, sports or sitting in a cubicle at a machine all day, having to get along with people who had nothing in common with me or me with them. As I said old men and their memories are a strange thing. I always asked myself was it really as good or as bad as you remember it? Or could it be that I am only remembering the good parts but not all of the bad? Or does the bad come to the forefront and stand alive as can be, with a big fuck you and then I let out a sigh of relieve that the bad old days are gone?  How can I write such a long day by days, of what I did over the years reports when all I did was try to live. Each day was each day nothing more. My life up to now was most likely not even as interesting as those who boxed themselves in. They probably had a good time and still did what was expected of them and today on the path of leaving this planet have something to show for it. Some several houses, kids, gran kids and great grans, degrees from universities, large bank rolls, living on islands where the prosperous vacation, condo here and there, helping to save people one by one in the Emergency Room.  Settling in with just what they wanted to do from way back then, deciding early on and sticking to the plan. Here just old man memories and a apartment full of art, some close comrades and some not so close anymore. Sometimes I really believe I can go back but come to my senses and realize no I can’t, back is not in the cards. I get confused with the past and the present. Sitting in my chair, back then is alive, its safe I can manipulate all or none of it to my liking.  Remembering men like I do makes me horny. I jerked off last night thinking of all the men I could remember from my past, Bobby, Frankie, Ethan, Guy, Kenneth, Moons, Harry, Mr. Barley, Out Door Billy, Jeff and a hand full of others that came across my mind and became my evenings one night stand.

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But  you know the one who I really still love is Petal. The one man who I never really had any hot sex with. The one man who was more of a sister to me than a lover. The one I hope is still alive today. The one who I screamed in the movie theater with when Carrie’s hand came up out of the grave, grabbing a hold of him we kept the screaming going. Yeah we could fly and fly we did. Silly girls near the back. So silly that Jeff finally walked out on us. Girls that made curtains together and sewed outfits for the Halloween parade came up with some outrageous designs for display windows (thinking back so many of the designs were rejected as being just too “modern” for the people of Davenport and of course offensive to the owners of the store. Its a wonder they allowed us to keep our jobs. I think the boss and the other workers vouched for us, yes we can do what we are told when we are told, yes we know their windows border on the outrageous, (give it a chance folks might be drawn in to the store), yes I will tell them they have to behave and if they don’t we will split them up.

Our biggest challenge once was a window Coming Soon–Getting Ready for Fall. I remember it like I know my hand. We explained our idea to the woman who ran the better dress department and she said, I love it! If anyone complains tell them I am behind you 100%. Petal and I constructed dresses, wigs, hats, shoes and whatever else out of brown paper. Instead of covering the windows like so many stores use to when changing from one window to another we dressed up the manikins in the change over. We hauled in some branches and hinted each with the colors of fall. We folded up several beach umbrellas and stuck them in the corner. Connie painted a back drop of  two people walking on a deserted beach, helped make the leaves as she thought the window to be very artistic and wanted to be part of the art. Now that window was the talk of the store. Even old man Petersen came down from his office to see it, proclaimed it to be wonderful and said “I want to see more  interesting things like this. Send the display people up to me, I want to talk about future windows.” Well we thought there is our in. The boss just shook his head and said, “You must have caught him on a good day.” But sometimes good doesn’t last that long and good can’t be pushed further to good, good as the things of life get in the way.

Petal was offered a job in Chicago by our boss doing window displays in some high end  department store. The boss was leaving to go back to Chicago and I think he was so in love with Petal that he wanted to take him with him. Its a great opportunity for a career was all that I could say. I’ve been down the road of goodbyes before and this was just another one. But not just another one just like the other ones I went home and cried and cried. The boss and Petal left in late September. “Yeah just think of the store decorations we can do for Christmas. My head is spinning with new ideas,” Petal told the boss and me when we went out for a goodbye dinner. “Petal,” I said, “not to burst your Merry Christmas bubble but I am sure that by now most of the designs have been submitted for the holidays.” “I really thought you would stay here and together we can do many more windows, build our portfolio and then go on from there.” Nope he was going, “I have never been away from Davenport so now is my chance.”

Call for the Eleventh Annual Transgender Lives Conference Workshop Proposals
The deadline for workshop proposals is December 31

Our Eleventh Annual Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference will be held on Saturday April 29, 2017 at the UConn Health Center in Farmington, CT. In preparation for this conference we are announcing our CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS.

Our conference is about relationships – relationships with ourselves and relationships with those who interact with us. It is about re-defining these relationships through knowledge and understanding and by helping to erase those misconceptions that have disempowered so many for so long. Our conference is also about community – and not just trans and gender non-conforming communities but also our allies who support us, the professionals who work with us, our families who care for us, and most-especially, you!

The goal of the Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference conference is for participants to gain a better understanding of the issues facing transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and communities.

This year we are looking for workshops on the following topics:

* Health and health care
* Intersection of transgender lives and substance use
* Suicide prevention
* Legal protections and documentation
* Employment and education
* Life and family issues
* Partner(s) and family
* Health care coverage & government guidelines
* Aging transgender population
* Policy/civil rights
* New guidelines for travel
* Improvement in your gender presentation(s)
* Middle of the road concerns

* Allies

You can submit your workshop electronically by clicking the Submit Your Proposal link below. This online form explains all relevant details for submission and will allow you to fill out your proposal online. Workshop space is limited and all proposals will be reviewed for applicability and relevance to the conference theme and audience. We encourage you to submit your workshop proposal as soon as possible.

We also encourage you to forward this Call for Workshop Proposals to any colleagues, friends, family, or distribution lists you feel would be interested in conducting a workshop at the Eleventh Annual Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference in 2017.

As this conference has dramatically grown over the years, we recognize that many of you have very important topics and experience which fold into our theme of The Intersection of Health and Law. Again, workshop space is limited and all proposals will be reviewed for applicability and relevance to the conference theme and audience.

If you feel you have a workshop that would benefit the conference then we encourage you to submit your proposal at your earliest convenience.


The Other Side of the Mountain

Posted: October 25, 2016 in art

The Other Side of the Mountain: Red Moon on Mars


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