Stop the Fracked Gas Pipe Line In Connecticut!

Posted: October 19, 2016 in Call to Action

This in today:

The fight isn’t over in Massachusetts! And now we are working in Connecticut to stop the pipelines. Tell your elected officials you don’t want fracked gas pipelines in Connecticut.

Consumers for Sensible Energy works on behalf of consumers by promoting responsible energy policies that assure adequate energy supplies at fair prices.

We have joined with like-minded organizations (Allies) in the fight against the proposed natural gas pipeline in the Northeast because of their impact on consumers.   In fact, in these proposals consumers would get socked twice: once for the $3 billion cost of construction, and a second time for the cost of the gas on the global market…which experts predict will raise the prices of gas at home, once gas is exported to other countries.  It is, in effect, a pipeline fee on monthly electric bills.

For more information and how you can get involved go to HERE.


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