Time to defy sexual and political predators.

Posted: October 29, 2016 in Call to Action, Fight Back, Solidarity

Time to defy sexual and political predators

By Doug Barnes, FSP National Secretary

The choice between an establishment feminist warmonger and a racist, woman-defiling bankruptcy expert is no choice at all. Watching Donald Trump stalk Hillary Clinton on stage during their second debate, I wondered: was he calculating to intimidate or just doing what comes naturally? His misogyny is hard-wired.

I abhor Trump’s boasting about his assaults on women and encouragement of supporters to beat up protesters. Increased fear-mongering and bigotry in the classrooms already has a name: the ”Trump effect.” His prescriptions of exile, imprisonment, or extermination for everyone he condemns are scarily reminiscent of fascism’s “final solution.”

Many folks are pushing the lesser-evil hard sell — that argument pulled out every four years. This time it means, “We gotta vote for Clinton to avoid Trump.” Gimme a break! Clinton’s true self has been exposed (again) in the WikiLeaks emails. She is a conniving politician hell-bent on power at all costs and an even worse warmonger than Obama has proven to be. Visit socialism.com to see FSP’s choice for voting socialist to protest the two-party scam.

Beyond that, it’s time for the Left to pull together and put out a call to resist the right-wing tide. In this spirit, FSP will be organizing post-election forums, whoever wins, to discuss what next for activists. We’ll hold them in early December in New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. Regardless of who takes possession of the White House, it’s clear that the war on workers at home and abroad will still be going on. FSP wants to join with others to discuss what strategies can be used to kick-start a larger movement to fight back.

Info on the forums will be posted at socialism.com. We’d like to see you there and hear what you think can be done for those of us who aren’t billionaires or corporate-owned politicians — the downtrodden, the refugees, the oppressed and the depressed! We all have a role to play in lifting up our class after such a dismal showing of the best capitalism has to offer. Let’s rise up and cleanse ourselves of the rotten stench of this foul system.


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