Where to Move if Trump Wins? Bullshit from Liberals.

Posted: November 2, 2016 in for your reflection

We received this today from the Campaign for America’s Future. We have to say what bullshit.


Where to Move If Trump Wins?

Trump is now ahead or tied with Clinton in three major, national polls. (ABC, LA Times and Rasmussen).

As this news sinks in, many Americans are looking at their options. Cape Breton? United Kingdom? Mexico?

If you been disappointed with the pace of economic recovery, imagine what will happen if Trump wins. According to the Financial Times, “nervousness” about the tightening polls caused the markets to dip Monday.

No country on earth will be safe when an unstable narcissist has his finger on the nuclear button. The time to act is now, not after the election.

If you think Donald Trump is dangerous, the time to act is now. Every dollar we raise goes directly to our campaign in the swing states. This campaign will be won or lost on the ground. 

Will you donate just $2? That’s less than the price of a cup coffee. Thank you so much, for all you do.

These privileged liberals just don’t get it. So many folks in this America have a big problem each month in just paying rent, buying food, paying their utilities bills and making sure that their children have what ever they need. I am quite sure that the majority of us do not worry nor are we disappointed with the pace of economic recovery or that the stock markets are dipping. We know nothing of such matters as we struggle to live.  Then this Campaign for America’s future is talking about bailing out if Trump wins. Well there is going to be a big fight coming up if that happens and their really is no running. Talk about bullshit run away and leave us to deal with the problems when we are going to need all hands on deck, in the street, and wherever else is needed.  This Campaign for America’s Future has this to say:

Driving the Movement
The Campaign for America’s Future is driving our progressive movement and offering the new vision, bright ideas and bold leadership Americans rightly demand. (you’re not driving us anywhere)

If talk about running even if one is joking is just plain foolish. If I was a Trump supporter I would answer if you told me you were leaving, Good! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Of course we know full well that no country will be safe when an unstable narcissist has his finger on the nuclear button, and yes we have every right to be scared of not only that but so many other things. You know if the button is pushed it will be over nothing more to worry about, the fire next time will be a reality. But killing us slowly day by day now that is another thing.

Nope not us we are going nowhere but will stay here and fight.

P.S Perhaps the confused man that was used in their e-mail appeal should hang himself. A lot cheaper than moving to another country.

  1. Jan says:

    Liberals worrying about the nuclear button. How about the hell that this U.S government puts people around the world through everyday? But suddenly they feel threatened. Let us remember that the current president and Madame Secretary have and had a role in making life miserable for so many people.