11/12 at 2pm Socialist Action class series: What is Fascism & How to Fight It!

Posted: November 7, 2016 in Call to Action, Events, for your reflection

What is Fascism & How to Fight It

The rise of Donald Trump and his racist and sexist rhetoric has many labeling him a fascist. Its popular today to throw the term fascism around to describe people or groups that are right wing. However, its important to take a closer look and understand the social and economic basis of why fascism appears on the scene. How did Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini seize control in their countries? What fascist movements exist today and how do we stop them from gaining influence and power? This class will attempt to address the question what is fascism and how do we fight it?

Adam Ritscher,  a leading member of Socialist Action, union janitor, and activist will lead our discussion from Wisconsin via Google Hangout. Please let us know if you’ll be joining in person at CCSU or via google hangout. Hangout spots are limited. Reserve a spot now as an individual or host a group of friends at your house. 

Link to the First reading: The Struggle Against Fascism by Adam Ritscher


Supplemental reading: Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It by Leon Trotsky



Excellent reading the article The Struggle Against Fascism, by Adam Ritscher. I am as guilty as the next for referring to Trump and the right as Fascists and this article has been an eye opener. But I suppose no matter what these people are called, they are as dangerous as dangerous can be.


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