Courageous Resistance Campaign. Nice but we do have questions?

Posted: November 11, 2016 in Call to Action, For your information, for your reflection

We do not know this campaign but thought it is interesting and wanted to share it with our readers. We will be posting other actions against Trump and what is brewing in DC as the information comes in. We are not sure of what the California model is but what we have read and heard about the problem with gentrification in San Francisco, LA and other areas is a horror show for working class and poor people. The laws written against the homeless in these cities are inhumane and cruel and the fight for housing for all continues as folks are rapidly displaced by the wealthy and the corporations.  If this is part of the progressive California model we then want no part of it.

This is real. This is not a book or a movie. A hateful demagogue has risen to power in the United States of America.

We can’t be sure exactly what’s to come, but one thing is certain: a Trump presidency is a direct threat to our safety and well-being. Already, Trump-inspired hate crimes are occurring from coast to coast.(1) Immigrant families are terrified they will be torn apart. Loved ones now accessing life-saving healthcare are poised to lose it.

Something else is certain: the next four years and beyond will require extreme courage from those of us who believe in justice and equality. And Courage Campaign is committed to doing whatever it takes to defend the progress we’ve made and protect everyone that Trump has targeted throughout his campaign. Will you join us?

Let us know what you can bring to the fight. Join the Courageous Resistance.

Our resistance will leverage non-violent direct action, neighbor-to-neighbor organizing, viral communications, aggressive political accountability, and much more. Our strategy requires a diversity of skills and resources to take on the many challenges ahead. And we’ll need you — your energy, time, and talent.

This is not a drill. As a community, we must engage in peaceful yet fierce resistance to expose the horrors of President-elect Trump’s agenda and slow it, if not stop it. To save our country, we must fight and succeed on three fronts:

  1. Protect our communities in whatever peaceful ways we can. Women, immigrants, people of color, and our Muslim and LGBTQ brothers and sisters are most vulnerable.
  2. Demand courageous leadership. In order to minimize the damage, elected representatives that oppose Trump must be bold, fearlessly fighting every attempt to reverse progress, desecrate our institutions, and incite hate.
  3. Prove that the California model of progressive governance works. We must demonstrate that progressive, diverse, people-powered governance is not only possible, but that it can thrive and create broad-based prosperity. California is the most diverse state in the nation and the world’s fifth largest economy. We have made tremendous gains, but California must accelerate progress even further and model it for the world.

Join the Courageous Resistance and let us know how you can do your part.

We hoped history would not call us in this way, but here we are. America needs your power, your voice, and your courage to resist Trump’s radical agenda and prove a better world is possible.

Yours in the fight,

Eddie, along with Annie, Brenna, Caitlin, Emma, Kelsey, Lindsay, Moonyoung, Paula, Raquel, Scottie, Tim, and William (the Courage team)



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