We do not care. We still stand against Trump.

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Fight Back

President-elect Donald Trump sent conflicting messages about his hopes for the supreme court on Sunday, saying he will appoint justices who will send abortion rights “back to the states” but conceding he was “fine” with marriage equality “because it was already settled”. Trump made the comments in his first broadcast interview as president-elect, with CBS’s 60 Minutes, which aired on Sunday evening.

Asked by Leslie Stahl whether he supported marriage equality, which was made law by the supreme court in Obergefell v Hodges in 2015, Trump suggested the case did not concern him to the degree of Roe v Wade.

“It’s irrelevant,” he said, “Because it was already settled. It’s law. It was settled in the supreme court. I mean it’s done.”

Well perhaps Gays and Lesbians can breath a sigh of relief if their only issue is the selfish one issue of marriage. We at Furbirdsqueerly do not. This is the danger that has long been warned about and now we must unify with our sisters and brothers who find themselves at the end of the Trump administration’s beating stick. Break the fucking stick and fight back.

Why does he surround himself with  people who are ultra right wing, people like his choice for vice-president Mike Pence, and racist antisemitic Stephen Bannon. We know full well that it will be only a matter of time before we again are a target and that according to many in the political and religious right we are degenerate and can be cured. Why would he listen to Mr. Stop and Frisk Giuliani who should be home sitting in his chair instead of out in our faces looking as evil as always. It just keeps get worse and worse everyday or Newt Gingrich who was discredited years ago. Back to your chair Newt! How about Trumps naming of Kris Kobach, the architect of the most racist law in modern America history to his transition team. Last year Kris Kobach was a featured speaker at a meeting of White Nationalists and this year he’s a key member of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team and Ken Blackwell are long time enemies of GLBTQ people from the Family Research Council.

We do not think that any of our readers need an education on why we must and why we will stand against this president and his fellow travelers no matter how many times he claims he is okay with gay marriage. We must ask “What are these scum bags doing anywhere near the oval office?” But let us not forget just in our life time they have been there before.


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